Keedysville mayor plans to enforce junk car ordinance

December 06, 1999|By KIMBERLY YAKOWSKI

KEEDYSVILLE - Keedysville Mayor Lee Brandenburg is putting owners of junk cars on notice: Remove the vehicles or the town will do it for you.

The town's junk car ordinance has been in effect since June but has not been enforced, Brandenburg said during a Town Council meeting Monday evening.

Residents in the town are prohibited from parking or storing a licensed or unlicensed junk vehicle for more than 30 days on any public or private property within the corporate town limits unless it is enclosed inside a building.

It is the responsibility of the registered owner to have the vehicles towed away or stored properly.

Brandenburg said it is time for the town to take action to have the owners of the 10 or so junk cars in town move the vehicles to an enclosed storage garage or towed away.


The town needs to take this step to improve the appearance of the community, said Councilwoman Judith Kerns.

Simply covering junk cars with a tarp is not acceptable, she said.

Letters will be sent out to the owners this month, said Brandenburg.

The ordinance targets vehicles that are "rusted, wrecked or junked, or in inoperative condition (which are) parked or stored on public and private property within the corporate limits of Keedysville."

The document states that such vehicles are unsightly and detrimental to the public's health and welfare.

According to the ordinance, vehicle owners in violation have 72 hours to remove the vehicles or have them stored in a building.

"There are a couple of (junk) cars that have been here for five years and others that have been here for 20," said Brandenburg.

If they don't comply the town will tow the vehicles at the owners' expense, said Brandenburg.

"We'll probably have to have the (Washington County Sheriff's) deputy with the tow truck man. I know we are going to make a few enemies," said Brandenburg.

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