Fire safety tips

December 05, 1999

Holiday precautions

* Do not place your tree close to a heat source, including a fireplace or heat vent. The heat will dry out the tree, allowing it to be more easily ignited by heat, flame or sparks.

* Use only UL-approved lights.

* Inspect holiday lights each year for frayed wire, bare spots, gaps in insulation, broken or cracked sockets and excessive kinking or wear before putting them up.

* Do not overload outlets. Connect strings of lights to an extension cord before plugging the cord into the outlet.

* Do not leave burning holiday lights unattended.

* Never leave candles burning unattended. When candles are used make sure they are in stable holders and place them where they cannot be easily knocked down.


* Never leave a fireplace or space heaters unattended.

* Install a smoke alarm on every level of your home. Test the batteries every month and change them twice a year.

* When a tree becomes dry, discard it promptly.

Source: The Volunteer Fire Co. of Halfway

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