Mail Call for 12/1

December 01, 1999

"These teenagers do not have any respect for themselves, so they certainly don't have any for anyone else. I am referring to here at the Longmeadow Apartments in the Hamilton Run. They have been throwing grocery carts into the water. What an ugly act to do, when we are mostly all elderly and use the carts to bring in our groceries. Some of us live on the second floor, it was a help and saved us a few steps. God knows what else you do, but you will get caught and in some way you will get punished. Don't forget you will also grow old some day. This has been an on and on thing for quite a while now."

"I was wondering if someone could tell me what year the Betty Boop character was created?"

"Can anybody tell me where a man can get a facial? Like the old time barber shop used to give."


"This is directed to County Commissioner Paul Swartz. Yes, Glendening is a great governor and now after this latest decision, he is the greatest governor. Now Mr. Swartz, you know why this is referred to as the People's Republic of Maryland. The people of Maryland are getting exactly what they deserve."

"Smart Growth is good for Maryland and Washington County. Our governor has made a wise decision to locate the campus downtown. Now it is up to the city to address the problems of parking and student safety. I just hope that the County Commissioners and Paul Swartz won't cost us the deal by continuing to beat a dead horse. We need this educational opportunity and it needs to be outside of the self-serving auspices of the Hagerstown Community College."

"This is the time of year that we stop to count our blessings. A great blessing was given to us when Dr. Moody hung up his shingle in this area. He is not just a doctor, he is a friend. He doctors you and he listens. He takes time with his patients and even helps with the medications when he can. He has a wonderful and caring nurse, Virginia, who has the personality of a saint. His receptionist, Lisa, always puts you at ease. Dr. Moody, you can be proud because you have made a difference in this uncaring world. God bless you, Dr. Moody, Lisa and Virginia."

"I want to thank the person who keeps taking the stuff off of my niece's grave at Rest Haven Cemetery. If someone wants to steal something they can stand in line at the Salvation Army. I know it is getting close to Christmas, but don't be this desperate to steal something off of someone's grave. We go there to remember her with love not to put stuff there for someone to steal."

"I didn't think that the local politicians would let Gov. Glendening get away with putting the campus downtown. I am sure, by what I have read, that they would have wanted the site somewhere else. But once again it shows that they have no guts. Now they are on his side and they want it downtown. Well, we will see in a few years how that works out. Downtown is never going to come back and all you people who think it is might as well get real and face it. It is dead."

"To the fellow who thinks George W. Bush is going to be the next president, tell him to hold his breath. He is not going to be around very long. As far as Bill Clinton is concerned, I bet he is living better today, than when Reagan or Bush was in office."

"I want to say to all these people asking questions on why the new campus is going downtown, don't you know that when there is money involved, money talks and money walks."

"For once I thought something was going to go right for Washington County, but now, true to colors, we are going to get some sort of monstrosity that is never going to expand anywhere. Washington County residents, just stand up and say no, we do not want this in our community."

"Is anyone else disappointed that The Herald-Mail only thinks that the local coverage is more important? World and national news is just as important."

"I don't understand you people electing Glendening not only for one term, but two. Most of you don't realize that the governor of Maryland is one of the most powerful governors of any state in the union. Someone called in and said that they wouldn't vote for him again. The governor can only serve two terms, so this is it. I am glad that I live around such informed people who elect politicians that make them squirm and come back to haunt them."

"I have something to say about the university campus coming downtown. First of all, it should not be going there. Secondly, there is no parking. I think it should be at a different location."

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