November 30, 1999

Michael and Deborah E. Pisko, 17 Amanda Drive, Smithsburg, to Yong S. and Ul Shisk Park, for $340,000.

James D. Lobley, 13524 The Heights, Hagerstown, to Dan and Anisoara Cumpata, for $500,000.

Charles L. Flair, 213-215 E. Franklin St., Hagerstown, to David P. Wimsatt, for $70,000.

Carriage Hill LLC, 10230 Stagecoach Drive, Hagerstown, to David W. and Patricia A. Johnston, for $368,300.

Joseph P. and Kathy M. Kline, 18749 Mesa Terrace, Hagerstown, to Minh T. Cao and Nguyet M. Nguyen, for $245,000.

Brian D. and Annette C. Robinson, 5335 Porterstown Road, Keedysville, to James C. and Lu Ann B. Wells, for $835,000.

Donald E. and Deborah F. Dagenhart, 133 Randolph Ave., Hagerstown, to Daniel A. and Angela L. Wright, for $125,000.

Arthur F. and Lynda Schminkey, 350 Central Ave., Hagerstown, to Robin E. Turner and Robert D. Kells, for $65,000.

Anita L. Jones, 1807 Winston Drive, Hagerstown, to Luis Rodriguez and Jennifer Andrade, for $335,000.


Linda A. Mumma, PR, 11010 Clinton Ave., Hagerstown, to James Randall Edwards and Dharam Vir Kathuria, for $180,000.

Michael D. and Cynthia A. Weber, 19540 Lorraine Terrace, Hagerstown, to Brian D. and Annette C. Robinson, for $353,000.

Susan Linton, 11152 Suffolk Drive, Hagers-town, to Kenneth and Jessica Keener, for $560,000.

David P. Wimsatt, 214 N. Mulberry St., Hagerstown, to Karen A. Riley, for $149,000.

Alfonso Jr. and Bethanie Ruiz, 136 Fairground Ave., Hagerstown, to Stephen E. Ragsdale, for $187,000.

Joni Leeann Britner, 15221 Clear Spring Road, Williamsport, to Thomas E. Roberts, for $159,800.

Brian Dias, 439 Claredon Ave., Hagers-town, to Clayton M. and Kari W. Swan-McKittrick, for $95,000.

James T. Fahey, 1353 Lindsay Lane, Hagerstown, to Kelli D. Palamar, for $250,000.

Randolph Keith Godwin, Southbend Lane, lot 82, Horseshoe Bend, Sharpsburg, to Shannon Babb, for $124,900.

Sherry A. Keller, 114 E. Irvine Ave., Hagers-town, to Nancy Shulley, for $191,000.

Scott A. and Jennifer D. Shank, 116 E. Chapline St, Sharpsburg, to Jeffrey A. and Julie L. Heuer, for $209,000.

Kenneth R. Sterner, 918-920 Mulberry Ave., Hagerstown, to 918 Mulberry LLC, for $270,000.

DRB Financial Corporation, 33 Yankee Drive, Keedysville, to Steven and Kimberly Wagner, for $428,562.

Deborah J. Plume, 204 E. Irvine Ave., Hagerstown, to Sherry A. Keller, for $280,000.

Raymond and Susan Dillion, 18735 Preston Road, Hagerstown, to Diane and Joseph Fleischman, for $325,000.

Joseph C. Barnes, 742 Northern Ave., Hagerstown, to Jason and Deanna Becker, for $429,000.

Floyd R. and Vivian J. Kline, 1120 W. Washington St., Hagerstown, to S&H Partnership, a Maryland General Partnership, for $200,000.

John E. and Joanne M. Himes, 20732 Gaplan Road, Rohrersville, to Michael W. Smith and Carolyn P. Kilgarrff, for $299,900.

Edward E. Jr. and Suzanne I. Lushbaugh, 5522 Sharpsburg Pike, Sharpsburg, to Edward and Mary M. Embree, for $324,900.

Diversified Funding Source Trust, 17400 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown, to Rebecca A. Arch, for $134,900.

Dan Ryan Builders Inc., 9929 St. Roberts Drive, Hagerstown, to Rolando R. and Maria R. Melgar, for $319,820.

Dan Ryan Builders Inc., 752 Monet Drive, Hagerstown, to Janeth Mora, for $196,680.

Robert J. and Eva M. Powers, 361 Yorkshire Drive, Hagerstown, to Dominic M. and Pamela M. Palmer, for $159,900.

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