Hot twins pursue Chill cash

November 30, 1999

Local X-sports athletes Travers and Reagan O'Leary have organized a fundraiser to support Chill, a program to introduce snowboarding to inner-city teens. The fundraiser, a rail jam ? a freestyle competition of skiers and snowboarders on a railing ? will take place Wednesday, Feb. 8, from 6 to 8 p.m., at Whitetail Mountain Resort near Mercersburg, Pa.

Travers and Reagan are 14-year-old twins who attend Rocky Hill Middle School in Clarksburg, Md. They are known as Double Trouble. Next Editor Chris Copley interviewed the boys via e-mail.

Next: What extreme sports do you compete in? When did you get started?

Double Trouble: We compete in snowboarding and wakeboarding. We started snowboarding in January 2004. We started to compete in January 2005 and went to Nationals in 2005 for slopestyle, halfpipe and boardercross.

We started wakeboarding in May 2005 and started competing in June 2005. We competed in 13 events over the summer.


Next: What is your favorite sport?

Double Trouble: Our favorite sport is snowboarding, followed by wakeboarding, then soccer and then motocross.

Next: Where do you go to compete? How far do you travel?

Double Trouble: For snowboarding, we compete all over the East Coast and go out west for Nationals. We travel about 15,000 miles in three months. For wakeboarding we stay around Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. We travel about 6,000 miles over the spring and summer. When we were racing motocross ? we raced 40 weekends a year ? we traveled about 40,000 miles a year and raced from New Jersey to Florida.

Next: How often do you compete?

Double Trouble: We compete every weekend in snowboarding from December till April. We compete in as much as four events a weekend.

Next: Are you guys celebrities in your sports?

Double Trouble: No, not really. We just like to ride and have fun. Since we are twins, we get a lot of attention. Also, since we have some big sponsors, kids seem to notice us. Also, being twins in extreme sports is not normal, so a lot of attention gets paid to us. We have been in a few newspapers and magazines, so people know who we are when we go places. We will be on TV (on Feb. 8) with our Chill Jam. George Michael from NBC4 will be doing a segment on us.

Next: Is it cool being a celebrity or is it a hassle?

Double Trouble: Well, it's cool when you go places, like other parks, because you get to meet some really cool kids. Sometimes it's a hassle when kids get jealous and say mean things. But we just ignore it and just like to ride.

Next: What big sports celebrities have you met?

Double Trouble: In snowboarding, we haven't really met him but Louie Vito sends us e-mails and he did great in the X-Games. Hannah Teter is great and is going to be in the Olympics and our dad and her dad talk a lot. In wakeboarding, we really just got started but Taylor Vaughn is big around the lakes.

Next: What else do you do for fun besides sports?

Double Trouble: We like to skateboard, ride our snowmobiles, make videos and put music to them. Plus, we like hanging with our friends at school, since we are gone every weekend.

Next: What do you do with your family?

Double Trouble: Well, since our parents are divorced, we are with our Dad every weekend and Tuesday nights. So, when we are with our Mom, we get to see kids from school, go to the movies, talk online, and just have fun around the neighborhood.

Next: What do you do at home to improve your speed and skill?

Double Trouble: Well, during the snowboarding season we ride about five times a week. We can hit one rail 25 times to practice a new trick. We also ride rails at our house when it is warm because we get ice from a local rink and bring it to the house. We also use a trampoline to practice our maneuvers.

For skateboarding, we have a quarterpipe, rails and jumps set up and we also go to local skateparks whenever we can.

For wakeboarding, we ride five to six times a week. We practice during the week on the Potomac River at Dam 4 and leave for competitions on Thursdays and ride all weekend.

Next: Do you watch what you eat?

Double Trouble: We try to eat good. Our dad takes us to good restaurants while we are traveling but it always seems like we end up with seafood or chicken wings. Reagan loves wings ? the hotter the better! Travers likes anything seafood with hot sauce.

Next: Anything else?

Double Trouble: We would like to say that we just love doing what we do. Our dad really gives us the chance to have fun. He says if it isn't fun, we won't do it.

If we could give any advice, it would be: "Have fun and just ride."

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