Mont Alto, Pa. remains without mayor

Borough will have to fill a number of positions

Borough will have to fill a number of positions

November 30, 1999|By JENNIFER FITCH

MONT ALTO, PA. ? A 4:30 p.m. deadline quietly passed Monday and left the Borough of Mont Alto without an elected mayor.

The names "Tom Loosen" and "Tom Lawson" each were written on one ballot in the Nov. 6 general election, making Tom Lowson the only person potentially eligible for the two-year term.

Lowson, who is currently a councilman, would have needed to have the misspellings cumulated to become mayor. That request was to be submitted to the Election Board by the end of business Monday and was not, according to Deputy Chief Clerk Jean Byers.

Just nine votes were cast for the open mayor's seat in the 1,400-person town seven miles north of Waynesboro.

A few other people got single write-in votes.

Also, two people ? Debra Lee and Dennis Monn ? will have to choose whether they want two- or four-year terms, since they were the top write-in vote-getters for both, Byers said.


"At this point, we have a number of vacancies the borough will have to fill," Byers said.

Three four-year council seats and two two-year council seats were on ballots. Only incumbent Beverly Spicer appeared on ballots as a candidate, and she won a four-year seat on the board that has one mayoral and seven council positions.

The sitting council is comprised of Michael Gossard, Monn, Lee, Rick Lee, Lowson and Spicer.

The council can currently appoint someone for the open mayor position, as well as one vacant council seat, said Patricia Kocek, who heads the vacancy board.

Mayor Stephen Knepper resigned and Councilman Fred Herrington died earlier this year.

"What (council members) have been doing is asking people, trying to fill the vacancies," Kocek said.

Positions not filled through the election will have appointments after Jan. 1, Kocek said.

The council meets Dec. 3, she said.

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