Williamsport's clerk/treasurer resigns

November 30, 1999|By ANDREW SHOTZ


James R. Castle has resigned after 20 months as Williamsport's clerk/treasurer.

Castle's last day was Friday. He said he started a new job Monday as public works administrative coordinator for the town of Brunswick, Md.

Castle, 30, said he was eager to return to Brunswick, his hometown.

"It was a good time to make that move," he said.

Williamsport has begun advertising for a replacement. An ad ran over the weekend in The Herald-Mail.

Councilman Jeff Cline, a Realtor, said he's interested in the job, but he'd like to see a written description of the duties before deciding whether to pursue it further. He said he'd expect to resign as councilman if he's hired as clerk/treasurer.

As of Monday afternoon, the town had received about 20 calls from people wanting an application for the job, said Jamie Hill, a clerk at Town Hall. One person sent a résumé.


Mayor James G. McCleaf II said the salary probably will be about $36,000 or $37,000 ? what Castle was paid.

The job will be advertised in local newspapers and through Maryland Municipal League and the governor's grants office, he said.

Castle said he submitted his resignation before a letter to the editor was printed in which Cline questioned aspects of Castle's work. The resignation was not connected to a rocky relationship with Cline, Castle said.

Cline had vowed not to approve Castle's financial reports.

McCleaf said Cline created a "hostile environment" for Castle, and he's surprised Castle stayed as long as he did.

Cline, though, said he had no personal grudge against Castle, although they had their ups and downs, including episodes of cooperation.

"I wish Mr. Castle good luck," Cline said.

From 2000 to 2005, Castle was a councilman in Brunswick.

Williamsport hired Castle in early 2006 as a private consultant for grant and loan applications for the town's water and sewer systems.

After a few months, he applied for and was chosen clerk/treasurer.

The clerk/treasurer position was vacant for about seven months after the town council voted unanimously in August 2005 to dismiss Bonnie J. Errico, who held the job for three years.

Looking back on 20 months in Williamsport, Castle said he enjoyed it a lot.

As his time on the job came to an end, dozens of people stopped by to say goodbye.

"That made me feed good," he said.

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