Someone Saved My Life

November 30, 1999|By Sean Clark

Imagine you were blind and someone gave you sight.

Imagine you were deaf and someone gave you sound.

In our world where everyone makes mistakes, a shining friend makes your dreams reality.

And what can you say to the giver of life when she touches you, lets you hold her tight and makes everything better?

How do you thank her?

She says she's making the world better, one person at a time.

But I don't want that. I am still selfish. I want her all to myself. I want to be the one she cares about.

Is that so wrong? I want to be this alive forever, to be the blind man that has been given sight, to be the deaf man that now hears.


Everything is different.

I've woken up from a hazy dream and life is so much better.

For that, and everything happy in my life, I'm grateful.

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