12 Ways to be Successful at Job Fairs

November 30, 1999

1. Dress and groom well to make a good impression on employer representatives.

2. Find out what companies will be participating in the Job Fair. Get information about participating companies.

3. Always act professionally. Avoid casual behavior with company recruiters. Be prepared to speak knowledgeably about the employers' industry.

4. Know what you plan to say about your qualifications. Practice good job interviewing techniques.

5. Use your time wisely. Visit the employers that you are most interested in first. Then explore employment opportunities with as many companies as you can.

6. Keep a good supply of résumés. Bring an organizer to keep information ready and available.

7. Attend free seminars or programs offered at the Job Fair.

8. Never bring food or drinks to the recruiting tables.

9. Take advantage of networking opportunities that exist at the Job Fair.

10. Always get the correct spelling and pronunciation of the name of the employer's representative(s) and anyone else you are told to contact.


11. Carefully write down and maintain follow-up instructions given by employers.

12. Send "thank you" letters to company representatives for job leads or interviews.

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