Siblings pose for G.I. Joe art

November 28, 1999

Johnny and ChristineBy DAN KULIN / Staff Writer

photo: RICHARD T. MEAGHER / staff photographer

This Christmas season, one area brother and sister may be a part of many youngsters' gifts.

Hagerstown resident Johnny Haberbeck and his sister, Christine Bartholow, of Waynesboro, Pa., were used as models for some G.I. Joe toy box illustrations.

Haberbeck, 20, portrays a soldier wielding a flame thrower.

Bartholow, 22, is one several nurses carrying a stretcher.

"I felt very privileged," said Bartholow. "It's really weird and kind of exciting to walk into a store and find it."

"It's kind of scary because it looks just like me," said Bartholow, who works at First Data Merchant Services through a temporary agency.


Haberbeck, a Hagerstown Community College student who also works at the Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store at Prime Outlets, said, "I feel it's an honor to be on a box that's all over the United States."

Haberbeck was also the model for a few other G.I. Joe box illustrations, which he doesn't think are on store shelves yet, including one for a jungle reconnaissance soldier, a marine with a scout dog and a World War I "Doughboy."

The brother and sister ended up with their faces on toy boxes after a friend introduced Bartholow to Waynesboro, Pa., commercial illustrator Larry Selman.

Selman, who also did a series of illustrations for the Jurassic Park line of toys, works by taking pictures of his models in costume. He then uses the photographs to paint the illustrations.

"I think it's neat," said Betty Haberbeck, mother of Haberbeck and Bartholow. "It's something they someday can show their kids or grandkids."

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