Mail Call for 11/24

November 24, 1999

"This is an answer to a person who wants to know what friendship means. Friendship is a person who is willing to listen when you are down. A friend who can take you to the doctor or store once or twice a month when you have no other way. Also a person who doesn't ask for anything in return. I had a friend, but she let me down in August. She never called to see how I was doing or anything. When I would call, she would hang the receiver up on me. So I don't call that a friend anymore."

"I feel that all you Republicans out there, you shouldn't be voting for Bush. This man does not know what is going on with foreign policies. He doesn't know the countries or who runs them. He doesn't show up at these debates. He is avoiding them. If you listen to him, it sounds like he is reading from something. His father brought this country down, but I don't think he is going to fall short of that branch. Lord, help us all."


"I am a person who buys the paper every day and I was offended when I saw in big print 'Mrs. Santa Claus Dies.' I know that it was just giving credit for what she did. I have small kids that saw it and got very upset. I think that it could have been titled a little bit differently. I called the editor and reported my feelings and the only opinion I got from her was, 'that is the way she was known.' I am a very unhappy customer."

"Every home, every classroom, every church where virtue, truth and honor are valued, should support Linda Tripp, who is the target of the vast propaganda machine of the Clinton administration. Paid for by you, the taxpayer. This so-called Maryland law that prevents you with defending yourself with the truth, is contrary to the constant attention of the United States which has always allowed a person to defend themselves with the truth. It is un-American and our legislature should revoke it, when you cannot record a conversation in which you are a part of, it is known as the politician's law. No doubt she will be found guilty by the Maryland judicial politicians. But, let's see if you have as much virtue as she does, send donations and give her your prayers, before you too are in the dust."

"Who does Paul Swartz think he is fooling by messing with the taxpayers' money? He is trying to make everyone believe that he is trying to dig up millions of dollars to pay for the water and sewer debt. On the other hand he is trying to put the county in debt with a new stadium. If he thinks that so many people are for it, then why are people afraid to put it up for referendum?"

"It goes like this, we cannot find a way to pay for the sewer plant, we cannot find a way to pay for the ice rink. The city tried to cut back on trash collection to conserve cash. They have only cleaned the streets here and there. So tell me, where are we going to find the cash to pay for a new stadium?"

"This is concerning the stadium. Why do we want to build a new stadium for someone who pays no rent?"

"When I was at my son's elementary school the other day, the principal and the PTA rep were urging all the parents to call anyone they knew on the LMB, which has something to do with a management board. To urge all these people to vote for the LMB, as a grantee for Head Start, because if it didn't pass then all the pre-school programs would be gone from the Board of Education. Anybody who knows anybody, please call. My sister said that the same thing happened at her school at the end of last week."

"If anyone lost a package at the Boonsboro Pharmacy, please contact me at 301-432-4290 and if you can identify the package that you lost there, we will get in touch."

"I am calling about my son's bike that was stolen on Wakefield Road. Whoever stole it please bring it back. He is now asking Santa Claus for another one. Please bring it back, no questions asked."

"I would like to know if there is a group or organization interested in used books for adults and children. I would also like to find a place to donate some very good quality children's clothing that kids could wear during the winter of this year."

"I was reading about a person who is upset about coming through Funkstown on the way to work. Well, I have a suggestion for you, you people who cut through our town on the way to work, why don't you just stay out. We like our town and our streets the way they are. Why don't you go another way to work and stay out of our town."

"Now that Washington County has gotten all of this grant money, I hope they are going to improve the reading programs in the schools. Fountaindale has one of the worst libraries. Phonics should be put back into the schools, it helps with reading and spelling. My father was a teacher and taught me the best thing to learn was to read. I also gave it to my children. It expands the mind and the imagination."

"I am against building a stadium in Hagerstown. I think the money could be spent better on improving the schools and health care. Putting a traffic light on Eastern Boulevard and Security Road where someone is going to get killed one of these days. They are inadequate, the way they have it now. I think if the Suns want a new stadium, then they should pay for their own. They don't subsidize me and I shouldn't have to subsidize them."

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