Letters to the Editor

November 22, 1999

Try Mummer's in the daylight

To the editor:

Thanks to the Alsatia Club for sponsoring yet another Mummer's Parade for Hagerstown and the surrounding areas. We, and a lot of Hagerstonians, were pleased that you asked Dick Henson to be the Parade Marshall. He is a wonderful philanthropist and humanitarian. His charitable contributions, not only to Hagerstown but many other worthwhile causes, show you the character of this adventurous man. By the way, he is still very handsome and looks very well.

In spite of the perfect weather, I couldn't help but think it would be better if the parade could be held during the daylight hours. Here are some of the reasons:

If it were held in daylight hours (approximately 2 to 6 p.m.) the visibility for the viewers and participants alike would be 100 percent better. Where we were standing the street lights were automatically dimmed by the powerful lights of the fire trucks. It took awhile for them to recover.


Small children would not get as tired and restless if it didn't coincide with their bed time.

Senior citizens who have difficulty driving at night would come during the daylight and enjoy it. They could more effectively view their children, grandchildren and all participate whether they are a marching unit, on a float or walking as a Mummer.

Units traveling great distances would get back to their homes at a reasonable hour of the night.

The downtown merchants (especially eating establishments) would probably benefit from the diversified viewers.

The organizations that sell food would also benefit. The street vendors would surely like this much better also.

I realize the original concept of the Mummer's Parade was to promote interest in this type of entertainment vs. doing property damage. However, I think that the Alsatia Club will seriously consider this proposal. It can only be a win/win situation. If they do not think it is feasible, I think an answer by way of the Letters to the Editor would be reasonable.

H.M. Jones


Too much greed in health care field

To the editor:

In reference to the high-rising cost of health care in our state and country today, it is my opinion that some of the area hospitals, and also doctors and people in the medical field practice, including some of these drug store pharmacies that are into selling drug medications or prescriptions are abusing the health care and the Medicare program.

For example, if some of these doctors see you have medical insurance coverage then right away or quite often they seem to charge what they want, and believe me it is usually a high fee for health care treatments or for their services.

There are some doctors who don't charge such a high fee for visits or treatments when or if they realize you don't have any type of medical insurance; they are kind of generous about not charging such a high fee, but there are a lot of them out there who are just plain out greedy.

My opinion also is I think the health care and Medicare system programs needs to be controlled better in the future than they are now by our officials and government. Right now, there seems to be or is a "money racket" for some doctors and others to get rich quick in the health care field career of work.

Pete Seville

Burnt Cabins, Pa.

Rink is worthwhile

To the editor:

I play ice hockey at The Doris I. Billow Ice Arena because it is only 30 minutes from my home in Chambersburg.

Skating has changed my life in many ways. I've gotten stronger. I've learned to concentrate and think fast during the hockey games and that helps me get better grades in school. Another thing I enjoy is how many friends I have made.

I'm thankful the people who run the rink are so nice to us and let us play ice hockey.

I'm glad Miss Billow left us a half million dollars to build a rink. I wish she was still here to see what we have done.

David J. Burkhard

Chambersburg, Pa.

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