Former Waynesboro, Pa., man sentenced in domestic abuse case

November 18, 1999

Described as a "loose cannon for two days" by Washington County Circuit Judge Kennedy Boone, a former Waynesboro, Pa., man was sentenced Monday to serve eight years in prison for two domestic-related assaults.

Carl Lee Adams, 44, was sentenced both for first- and second-degree assault with credit for time served since March 1. Probation is for three years.

The first incident occurred Feb. 26 at 8:45 p.m. at 501 George St. when the resident, Ophelia S. Grate, opened her door for a friend, Teresa Shatzer, and Adams pushed his way in, according to Assistant Washington County State's Attorney Arthur Rozes.

Adams put a knife to Grate's throat, pulled her head back and threatened to harm her, Rozes said.

Shatzer, then Adams' girlfriend, apparently told Adams not to hurt her and they "cooled down," Rozes said. Grate later left the residence and called police.


Then on Feb. 28, Adams pushed his way into 119 High St. where he assaulted Shatzer by shooting a gun right next to her head, Rozes said.

Adams also pointed the gun at another man who was also at that residence that night, Rozes said.

Boone's sentence for the second-degree assault was 10 years in prison, all but five years suspended.

The sentence for first-degree assault was 10 years in prison, with two years suspended - to be served concurrently with the other sentence.

"I think a message has to be sent," Boone said. "Enough is enough."

- Marlo Barnhart

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