Mail Call for 11/17

November 17, 1999

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"I want to say something about Dr. Edward Ditto III. He was one of the best doctors in this county. He was always so compassionate and kind with his patients, especially with other patients. There will never be another Dr. Edward Ditto. Enjoy your retirement, you deserve it. God bless you."

"The way the Redskins played against Philadelphia in Sunday's game, they shouldn't get paid. They don't deserve it. Take that game's salary and donate to a worthy cause. At least somebody will get something out of it."


"To the people on West Oak Ridge and Pin Oak Road, if you want the beauty of the trees, then rake the beauty of your leaves."

"I am a resident of Washington County and I would like to know why they don't get the drunks off the streets of Hagerstown. They could also clean up those streets downtown. There are leaves piled up to the doors. There is bird dirt all round and sometimes the old buds off of the trees are mashed onto the sidewalks. It is not safe for people to walk down there."

"To the South Hagerstown High School Rebel Band. Congratulations on your third-place win at the USSBA Championships in New Jersey. Also for winning the USMC Spirit Award. That was an awesome show you put on. I am very proud of this band and all the hard work that they put in. The only way to go is up from here."

"An 85-year-old woman received a call from the Western Maryland Troopers Association soliciting money. She told them that she was on a fixed income and she could not afford to give. They said, 'I bet' and hung up the phone. Talk about rude. No wonder there is no respect for authority in this world today."

"I want to thank the guy in Waynesboro at Martin's for giving us his rewards card. It just goes to show you that there are still a few good people left in this world."

"Why doesn't the newspaper print the drunk and driving convictions anymore? There hasn't been anything in the paper in ages. We need to know who these people are."

"How can I contact the dating service in Frederick?"

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