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November 15, 1999

A project for our youth

To the editor:

As a city and county resident, it is time to plan for our future. Community projects of many sorts must be undertaken. There are many such projects today that will affect our area for many years to come, the University Center, Civil War Museum (downtown) and the Hagerstown Railroad Sports Complex (outside of Hagerstown). These projects are vital to our younger population as these projects lead the way to improve the quality of life. Having these projects in place will encourage other businesses to locate in the Washington County region.

The Hagerstown Railroad Sports Complex will combine baseball and the Railroad Museum as the major tenants of the new complex, much like the anchor stores of the new retail shopping centers. Area youth soccer groups share an interest for the facilities with planned use during the fall season. Tourism offices could be accommodated if located along the I-81 corridor.


The project will ensure that professional minor league baseball remains in Hagerstown where attending a game is cost effective and provides a chance to get to know the superstars of tomorrow. The railroad buffs will be able to view the turntable and restoration work of rail engines and cars again in Hagerstown as well as artifacts from "bygone" times on display. A combined facility will allow parking areas to be shared and provide a fan-friendly environment for enjoyment of minor league sports and other entertainment venues.

I urge everyone to support this and other public projects as our future growth depends on these to provide tourism, entertainment, jobs, tax base and economic prosperity. If we do not invest in our future, there may not be a future. Let your elected officials know that we need a future, if not for you, then for your children or grandchildren.

Michael L. Gehr

Suns Fan Club Member


Y2K aftermath: Good yard sales

To the editor:

Looking back at other predictions I have made, I confess that my qualifications as a prophet are not anything to brag about. But please give me another chance. The law of averages will surely come into operation and let me give one that will actually come to pass.

At the time I write this we have only a short time to prepare for Y2K.

On Jan. 1, people doubtless expected terrible things to happen, for everyone knew that using four digits to designate the year would cause earth-shaking catastrophe.

So my wife and I are making some small preparations for the big worldwide doomsday when computers everywhere will self-destruct into little wisps of smoke and we'll have no water, gas, telephone or electricity. Perhaps not even a paper from you folks!

But what we're looking forward to are the big yard sales afterward - or wherever one holds yard sales in January. Think of it: Generators, hardly ever used, $25; bottled water, 5 cents per gallon; canned goods, $1 per dozen-can carton; rifles and shotguns, $2.50 each; machine guns, $15; ascension robes, never used, 50 cents each.

Of course this may be miles from how things really turn out. If so, will kind readers please toss some food our way? We'll be quite hungry.

Eugene Lincoln


Hagerstown needs minor league ball

To the editor:

I grew up in the Boston area and at age 9, playing little league, my dad took me to my first Red Sox game. Earl Wilson pitched a no-hit-no-run game against the Los Angeles Angels. I've never forgotten the feeling of that day. I've seen hundreds of ballgames since that day, no no-hitters but going to the ballpark still excites me and there is always the anticipation of that second no-hitter.

I take my kids from six to eight games a year. I always root for the home team. Hagerstown needs a minor league team, a new ballpark and a couple thousand kids anticipating that no-hitter.

Let's go Suns!

Dennis McGee

Director, Facilities Management

Board of Education

Washington County Public Schools

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