Marriage counseling offered by worship center

November 13, 1999|By MARLO BARNHART

Greg and Tammy Brown believe that when a couple says "I do," that's it. ... There is no easy way out of marriage nor should there be.

Members of the Living Word Worship Center at 12915 Pinehill Drive, the Browns are offering pastoral counseling at the church's new NAME Center.

A national ministry based in Phoenix, Arizona, NAME stands for National Association for Marriage Enhancement.

"God can work it all out, if we just let him," said Tammy Brown. "He has a plan. ... Greg and I just walk couples through that plan."

The Browns went through the NAME training and have been involved in marriage ministry for four years.

"We have no degrees," she said. "We are being vessels for the Lord."

All volunteer and involving no fees, the counseling through the NAME Center can be arranged by calling 1-888-750-9927. The only requirement is that the couple must be married.


The Browns also teach a class for married couples Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. at the church. "We have about six couples with us on Sundays," Tammy Brown said.

One more service is premarital counseling for couples preparing to marry.

"It's often impossible to get that kind of counseling unless one is affiliated with a church," she said.

In this area as well as all other marriage counseling through the NAME Center or Living Word Worship Center, church membership isn't a requirement.

The biggest reason the Browns got involved in Biblical counseling is their unshakable faith in the family.

"We have a heart for families and especially for children," Tammy Brown said. "Every child deserves to have two parents."

Pastor Denny Newcomer, senior pastor of Living Word Worship Center, said the church welcomed the NAME Center to counter the severe marital and family crises engulfing communities and the nation.

"Our primary goal is to show those we counsel that a relationship with Jesus Christ is essential to a marriage that works and lasts," Newcomer said.

He also stressed that the program is an outreach to couples who have no other place to go for help.

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