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Mail Call for 11/8

November 08, 1999

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"If two people are in a car wreck and only one survived, it is just assumed that God was with the one that survived and God wasn't with the one that didn't. That's what some people believe when they say 'God must have been with me.'"

"This is in regard to the assault that happened at North High. My condolences to the young lady and her family. I feel North High not only did nothing to protect their students before the incident, but the doors continued to be unlocked that same evening. The drama students who were probably the noise that distracted the rapist, continued rehearsal for several hours that evening, totally unaware of the incident that had taken place less than 100 feet away from them. They briefly heard of the incident after rehearsal Tuesday night, when a few of them were about to walk home and the teacher told them to be careful because there had been an assault the night before. Otherwise they learned about it at the same time everyone else did in the paper on Thursday."


"I lost a set of keys somewhere, I don't know where, they have an Oldsmobile tag on them. If anyone runs across them, please call 301-739-7153."

"How do you handle the telemarketers of all the calls you get, when you pick up the phone and all you hear is a clicking sound? How do you handle this?"

"I am reading about a woman who said her kids are bringing home too much homework every night and then they have to put another two hours into helping with the homework. I have a child going to elementary school. This is his first year attending school and every night he comes home with his ABCs and 123s and learning how to do his name. These things are supposed to be taught in the school by the teacher. Now I have no problem with trying to teach my child, but it seems to me that I am working long-hour days on my job. To me it seems like we the parents are making the teachers' jobs a little easier. It is not fair. Something should be done about this. These kids are just coming into this world, five or six years old. They are still walking with their eyes closed. They need a chance to fill out in their brain and minds and figure out what is going on. Give them a few months in school to adjust. They are still growing up and maturing. Do your jobs and don't let the parents do it for you."

"Once before in the past, Hagerstown lost having a full four -year college here, due to local bickering between the politicians. Let's not have it happen again. The Robinwood area is too congested now with traffic. The people out here don't want it. The Baldwin House is a terrible site. I think the governor should reconsider the Downsville Pike site. It's an area that could use a development, it won't interfere with the neighbors and is a nice location with no crime."

"I am a subscriber to the Smithsburg's Emergency Medical Services. I am reading about what is happening to CRS. I am tired of seeing these kids running around in these vehicles, but every year they ask us for money. Something should be said to the board of directors to help the situation so we are not in the same situation as CRS."

"I am an associate pastor at the First Christian Church in Brandon, Fla. My parents send me the hometown paper regularly. I would like to wish my grandparents a happy 57th wedding anniversary on Nov. 14. Love, Toni."

"I want to thank Mr. Fulton of AC&T for the use of his flatbed trailer for the parade. The Cub Scouts of Pack 64 of Maugansville had a great time. Little things like this go so often unnoticed and seem so small, but hearing the Cub Scouts after the parade saying how much fun they had riding in the parade, made my evening. So thanks again, Mr. Fulton of AC&T."

"In response to the call about the children who have too much homework. I am a teacher. If I only had to work a 10-hour day, it would be like a vacation. Most of my days are 12-hour days and if we didn't have to spend half of our days teaching the children manners and responsibility, then maybe we could get more done at school."

"I have been reading the police beat and I think that this graffiti problem is getting terrible. Why do people refuse to respect other people's property. I think it is time that something is done about it."

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