Mail Call for 11/5

November 05, 1999

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

I want to wish my sister Marguerite Smith and my brother-in-law Duke Smith a happy anniversary, which will be Nov. 5."

"In response to Tim Rowland's article in Sunday's paper on Oct. 31, it was called 'The righteous life, can we scare people into living it?' He said a wonderful thing there and somebody called in about the picture. We don't think of people's heart, we look at the person and see the flesh, we don't see the goodness in them, but I can see the goodness in Tim Rowland by the article that he wrote. I am so pleased and I thank God that we have Tim who can write articles like this and knows the Bible and about Jesus."


"I was appalled to read Mail Call and see so many people upset because Williamsport had their faces painted black. Who cares what color they painted their faces, purple, black, green or white? Who cares? Why should it be offensive? You complainers read into too much. Get over it. They had a theme going, silhouettes. When did you ever see a silhouette that wasn't painted black?"

"Way to go Williamsport and Smithsburg in the Mummers' Parade. The Hagerstown Bouncers, you guys were wonderful and you deserve first place. Way to go, you guys all looked great."

"I have read Mail Call about the telemarketers. I have written to both places and I have not had any results. I still get calls. Can someone please tell me the right thing to do because this is no good? I am really tired of it."

"I believe that the people making comments about the black faces in the Mummers' Parade are being petty. I think that the Williamsport High Band did a terrific job and were just trying to get everyone in the Halloween spirit. So these people need to come on and stop whining about an insignificant matter."

"I am tired of this black and white stuff. What in the world does it matter if someone has a black face? There are millions of people running around out there with black faces. They don't offend me. Neither the Miss Black America Pageant nor the NAACP offend me. So why does everybody get so upset about a few people in this band with black faces? I think it's time for this country to get over this stuff."

"There is only one answer to the crime of murder and that is capital punishment. Death to the criminal that kills people and only one appeal and maximum time on death row should only be two years."

"I am the senior captain of the guard in the Williamsport High School Blue Band and I wanted to address the fact that our faces being painted was in no way meant to be perceived as offensive to anyone. We painted our faces to illustrate ghosts in our ghost theme and only for that reason. I would like to say to the Williamsport alumni that called in, you don't get it. Had you attended any of our field performances, you would understand what our face paint represents. I feel that our band is owed an apology for these outrageous accusations. Our band is having a great year and it is upsetting to know that some people are so small minded."

"To the Williamsport alumni, instead of making a comment about the band, maybe you should have found out the whole story before you blew your mouth."

"I think the delegates or someone should do something about this medical insurance for the elderly. I think they should remember that these elderly have children, too."

"To all the people who felt offended that the Williamsport Band had black faces, I feel sorry for you."

"To the party who took the bags of apples from under our tree in Beaver Brook, you can keep the apples, but please return the bags."

"Come on people, not everything is about racism. I say good for you, Williamsport, for showing Halloween spirit."

"This is in response to the article about the SPCA, now known as the Humane Society. They will never become a no-kill shelter. I guarantee you that, especially with cats. Cats don't have much of a chance out there at all. With the new laws that they want passed, where you have three days to pick your animal up or they can put it to sleep, well believe me, when that three days is up, most of the animals will be put to sleep. That doesn't give those animals much of a chance at all."

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