North, South High square off

November 03, 1999|By BRUCE HAMILTON

A contest to determine the fastest faculty might make for halftime hilarity at Friday night's football game between the Hubs and the Rebels.

Eight staff members from North Hagerstown High School and South Hagerstown High School will compete in an 800-yard relay during the last game of the season.

The stunt is an attempt to attract more fans to the game, according to North High Principal David Reeder.

Both teams are 0-9 for the season.

"We want people to come out and see the game," he said. "Maybe a little frivolity helps."

Reeder's secretary joked that intense exercise might be too frivolous for the older participants. "I hope there are ambulances there," said Margie Gossard.

Last year's North-South game featured a race between Reeder and South High Principal Michael Shockey. The administrators took their marks at the 50-yard line and dashed to the goal line.


Reeder and Shockey came up with the idea for last year's race while working out together at a Hagerstown gym. They decided it would add to school spirit and increase turnout.

Reeder recalled Wednesday that he "handily defeated" Shockey in that race.

Shockey expressed confidence that this year's contest would be a South High triumph. "We are going to win because of our teachers' overwhelming pride in our students," he said.

South's team includes: business teacher Sherry Albin, social studies teacher Bob Hornbecker, technology education teacher Brian Ferrari and math teacher Kevin Geesaman.

Reeder made up nicknames for his team.

They are: technology education teacher Terry "Mr. Lancaster" Rieker, band director Dave "Mercury" Lunt, juvenile counselor Aaron "Stretch" Keech and assistant principal Lana "Twinkletoes" Moore.

Reeder said the rumor is that Shockey stacked his team with ringers such as Ferrari, who qualified for the Olympic trials. "We know the odds are against us, but we're going to go out there and give it our Hub best," he said.

The game begins at 7 p.m. at School Stadium at South Hagerstown High School. The relay will be held on the track, with four employees from each school running 200 yards. There is no prize.

So what does the winner get? "Pride," said Reeder.

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