Va. man to build hotel in Clear Spring

November 02, 1999|By MARLO BARNHART

CLEAR SPRING - A Winchester, Va., car dealer plans to bring a 70-room motel to Clear Spring, tailor-made for skiers and short-stay travelers passing by on nearby Interstate 70.

Former Washington Redskin Bill Brundage and his engineer, Stephen Gyurisin, also of Winchester, made their initial presentation to town officials Tuesday at the monthly meeting.

"We've met with county and state officials," Gyurisin said of the plans for the motel just east of the McDonald's Restaurant off Md. 68.

While most of the proposed site is in the county, the motel owner must secure Clear Spring town water and sewer hookups.


Brundage was told Tuesday that hooking up to water and sewer would cost $184,800. The quarterly bill for usage would be $3,136, based on the out-of-town water rate of $27 a unit instead of the in-town rate of $18.

Then when the town activates its water meters, the motel would pay for water actually used, according to Town Clerk Nancy Keefer.

"There is a place for this kind of motel in this area ... one that is recognizable and affordable," Brundage said.

He said he foresees a conservative number of employees as a way to keep overhead low - three desk clerks, five to seven housekeepers and a maintenance person.

Although he said he is negotiating with a number of motel franchises, Brundage showed the Mayor and Town Council a picture of a typical Holiday Inn Express motel as one possibility.

"This example has 70 rooms, three floors, one main entrance, no restaurant, a small pool, a wraparound parking lot and no trucks," Gyurisin said.

The entrance to the motel would be off Md. 68 between McDonald's and the service station, he said.

For years, rumors have circulated about motels looking at Clear Spring because of its proximity to the Whitetail Resort in nearby Pennsylvania.

Town resident Margaret Cornett listened to the presentation and said she was enthusiastic about the prospect.

"My husband and I travel a lot and safety and cleanliness are our most important considerations when choosing a motel," she said.

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