Letters to the Editor

October 26, 1999

Get rid of Reese and his hatred

To the editor:

I moved to Hagerstown from Long Island 3 1/2 years ago. I am Jewish, and currently president of the sisterhood at congregation B'nai Abraham in Hagerstown.

Though I have been a subscriber to The Herald-Mail since I moved here, I am thoroughly disgusted with your condoning the words of a hate monger such as Charley Reese. His views certainly would not be published in Newsday on Long Island.

I have written to your paper and to Charley Reese in the past about his negative views on Israel. He is the epitome of all that is wrong with our society: intolerance of other religious beliefs, intolerance of immigrants in our country.


I have begged him and The Herald-Mail to cease his unbalanced articles against Israel. It is not a question of whether his facts are right or wrong. It is that he is fanning the flames of hate. He only presents one side of this very tough situation.

Neither Israel nor the Palestians are all right or wrong, but his articles are never fair. He simply attacks Israel. That is why he should not be allowed a forum in your paper.

As you know, our temple has recently been victimized by a despicable act of hate. Speaking only for myself, and not as a leader of the temple, I hold The Herald-Mail partially responsible for this act of hate.


Because this publication condones anti-Jewish, anti-Israel propaganda.

How can you not see this, and how can you allow it to continue? I have had to attend special meetings at the synagogue to discuss extra security measures: Security not just against vandalism, but against possible injury to our religious school children as well as our temple members.

This is no joke. Lives are at stake. The recent shootings around our country in houses of worship are evidence enough that these things can and do happen.

How can you not see the connection between Reese's articles and the level of intolerance in this community? It exists. I hope and pray that we don't have to learn the hard way that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Sandra Gagliardi


(Editor's note - The editorial page editor and the editorial advisory board have considered Charley Reese at length and determined that he is anti-Israel, not anti-semitic. We have agreed that when we publish Reese's anti-Israel columns in the future, we will attempt to pair them with a balancing point of view. As for the synogogue vandalism, it took place shortly after we interviewed some survivors of the Holocaust. We have denounced that in our editorials and will continue to oppose race-based hatred in all its forms.)

Only one is qualified to judge

To the editor:

It seems as though some of the American people including myself can very much see of how a lot of those who are wealthy in our country, county and state we live in.

One clue or example is of them being all out cheap and tight with their money by mainly sponging off of other people, mainly the low-income, or off the ones who got it honestly. They go out and about wanting items, food and other things for literally nothing.

And these people I'm referring to seem to criticize the low-income and the not-so-wealthy or less fortunate, when they should look at themselves. Some of them had companies or wealth and silver and gold handed down to them from their family or people, They never really got it honestly or earned it.

My wife always reminds me that people in this world should not judge or criticize each other; we all should try to get along. Just because some may have more luxuries etc., than others doesn't mean you can't get along.

There is only one real judge of the people of the world and that is "Lord Jesus" who will do the judging of us when our time on earth is over. To which I must say I agree or say "amen" to that.

So why do we judge each other? I guess it's a part of life that we grew accustomed to. It's like a disease. Life would be boring for some or a lot of people if we didn't gossip or criticize each other. It doesn't get us anywhere, does it?

I think not; it's just a bad habit that we should try to refrain from doing or quit doing because you lose friends and sometimes make enemies in the process of gossiping or criticizing.

Pete Seville

Burnt Cabins, Pa.

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