Mail Call for 10/15

October 15, 1999

"I want to thank the lady at X-ray on Tuesday, Oct. 12, who shared her testimony about her accident and prayed with my granddaughter Tammy Eichelberger. God sure sends his angels. Her X-rays were fine and she is doing great. God bless you, and if at all possible, I would like to know who you are."

"On Tuesday, Oct. 12, my granddaughter had an accident on the way to school. I would like to thank the man in the van that held my granddaughter's hand and comforted her until emergency help came. I understand that you work here in Hagerstown, but you are from Baltimore. Please let me know who you are and God bless you."

"A lady named Carol spent evenings and weekends gathering a petition to present to the City Council concerning the West End Little League and Colt League. It was turned down, but she deserves recognition for doing something a lot of us wanted. Thanks, Carol."


"I was wondering if anyone would have a recipe for Friendship Bread?"

"How Christian are those so- called Christians? How many people that go to church are really God's people? I know many people who declare that they are 100 percent Christians, but some of them violate God's law and man's laws every day. I have heard the preachers curse. I know some Christians that send their children to a church school and they turn out worse than those that go to a public school."

"Here it is mid-October and already it is time for the kids to start selling stuff. First it was pizza a few weeks ago, but at least you could eat it. Now it is Christmas ornaments, cookies, candy, wrapping paper, candles. You name it, these kids are selling it. It is really sad that we have to make our kids peddle things like this to raise money for the school. It is a great cause. Myself, I would rather have someone send me an envelope and ask if I would contribute $20, because I would. I don't want my child selling this stuff door-to-door, because it is not safe. I am offended by the fact that I pay so much tax money every year, but yet there still isn't enough funds to supply these schools properly. I am a proud supporter of the PTA. They do a great job, but I can't stand to see these school children pressured to sell this stuff. They should put an end to it."

"I'm concerned about the stuff being taken off of my daughter's grave in Sharpsburg. We almost know who it is and we would appreciate it if they would put the things back."

"I am looking for a phone number or an address to get information about MAMSI Insurance."

"Does anyone know of chartered buses that go the Redskins games from the Hagerstown or Frederick area? I have a ticket already, but I would rather not drive to the stadium."

"When are they going to fix the clock in Public Square?"

"I see where the Baltimore Sun is running a series of articles on what taxpayers have paid for all the tax breaks that various companies in Maryland have been given. It would be interesting to see a story about that concerning local tax giveaways to companies and what has happened to the money that the county gave to them."

"I am calling about the product called ALLER, the carpet cleaner for dust mites. You can find it at Martin's. It is $4.49 for the carpet powder, plus they have some sprays and stuff."

"There is a new traffic pattern at Valley Mall. There is a big sign alerting people to it. There is also plenty of stop signs and other signs to let them know that they need to stop. So why do people continue to ignore them and run them? In the past three days I have seen four near collisions, because people are going too fast. It is time for the police or someone to enforce the laws of this state and fine these people who are running these red lights."

"I was evidently ripped off. I would like to put this message in the paper. If anyone found or took a black leather billfold in or around the Sheetz store on Dual Highway on Tuesday night, please mail the contents to: Resident, 19922 Sheraton Ave., Hagerstown, Md. 21740. They are precious to me and worthless to anyone else. They are irreplaceable."

"I want to give a big thank you to the person or persons who found my credit card in the parking lot at Sears and turned it in. It is nice to know that there are some very honest people in the world. I appreciate their honesty and I hope I can return that favor to them some day."

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