Mail Call for 9/30

September 30, 1999

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"Is it Oct. 1 or April 1? When I read in the paper last week I thought it was April Fool's Day, when Tommy Bowers is considering running for chief of police in Smithsburg. He has already sued the town and is a terrible example of a mayor. The only good that could come out of it is if he decides to be chief is that he wouldn't be chosen and then we would be rid of him as mayor. Wake up, Smithsburg, we don't need this man in any capacity."


"Come on, Washington County citizens, I think a one-cent sales tax increase for everyone is surely better than a property tax increase for property owners. Wake up!"

"Last weekend our daughter was in her first parade at Smithsburg on Saturday. I am requesting a copy of the video from anyone who was taping it. My number is 301-432-4365."

"I wanted to let everybody know of two really great experiences I had with service in Hagerstown. The Factory Branch Shoe Outlet at Hagerstown Prime Outlets, Renee, the assistant manager, just incredible. I went in there to return some shoes so they wouldn't hurt my son's feet and she was just terrific. Also, at the Kentucky Fried Chicken on Sunday, the manager was working at the drive-through and recommended that we try the new special sandwich they have. It was excellent. He was so friendly and cheerful. We went back and got a second one. They both deserve a little bit of recognition."

"I can't believe that this new man is talking about tearing the houses down in the West End projects and rebuilding. Where are they going to replace those families? They were completely redone not too awfully long ago. Someone needs to know what they are doing. Down on East Avenue, they took the storm windows and doors off in the dead of winter and replaced them with just screen doors. Wake up and quit sitting back and spending money."

"It was unfortunate to hear about that man being charged with reckless endangerment when somebody broke into his home. Unfortunately, the criminals in this state have more rights than the property owners. No wonder with this gun control, we need to protect our properties when we can. Unfortunately this state doesn't allow us to do that. That law needs to be changed. I am in support of this man."

"While the city does need stop signs, the county apparently does not. At the corner of Green Valley Drive and Crest Drive, nobody seems to stop there."

"It is hard for me to believe a lot of these TV shows. The whole thing is, people coming on and telling their problems and the host trying to solve them. I can't imagine why these people come on such shows. I wish they had something different on than what they have on now."

"I would like to respond to the person who wanted to know how to take the whiteheads off of their face. If you go to the drug store, they have a face cleansing antiseptic. I had five sons and they used that. I myself am 70 years old and I still use it. I am sure that they will find that this is very good. I think that all parents should help their children with this problem. Get a pack of cotton squares that are about two inches square and a little dab will do you."

"I just read the article about the new police chief where people have to work together to get rid of the drug dealing and the prostitutes. After being one of those that got caught in the reverse sting, that the police call it, no way would I ever help the police department in any way after the treatment that I got."

"It would be very nice if the American Legion post in Boonsboro would take some of their tip-jar money and spend it on improving the appearance of the bank in front of their building. The weeds are quite an eyesore for people coming into Boonsboro and it has been that way for quite awhile. Just paying a nursery to come in and have it done and maintain it, would be such a nice thing to see."

"All these people talking about putting their lights on when it is raining, whether it is a law or not, it is kind of dumb for you not to put your lights on because it is only so someone can see you coming. It is not so you can see. I would rather have my lights on so somebody can see me and not pull out in front of me."

"I would like to know what has happened to the report from the Health Department on the local restaurant inspections? Has the restaurant association put a strong-arm tactic on the newspaper for not publishing those? So what has happened to that report, isn't the public safety interesting any longer?"

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