New deeds for September

September 30, 1999

Kevin D. and Vicki Reynolds, Lot 1 Crystal Falls Road, to Eric S. and Robin A. Banfe, for $36,300.

Tracy M. Schindel and Marcie M. Risser, 11957 Azelea Drive, to Darrell J. and Thelma Wolf, for $28,000.

Randy M. and Shelly B. Dick, Popular Grove Road, to Scott D. and Lynette E. Pryor, for $60,000.

Gregory H. and Sophia D. Blair, 1837 Londontown Road, to Kristina A. Keyser, for $182,000.

Churchey Group LLC, 123 Chantilly Court, to Barry G. and Bonny A. McAlister, for $155,474.59.

The City of Hagerstown, Lot 12, Hagerstown Business Park, S. Burhans Blvd., to Hagerstown Trust Co., for $56,000.

John D. Middlebrook, 20215 Kellys Lane, to Jeffrey P. and Janet L. Witt, for $103,000.

Asad M. Ghattas, 9709 Pembroke Drive, to John J. and Judith C. Ruby, for $58,000.

Denton K. Mullendore, Larry L. Mullendore and Constance Joan Mullendore, 4312 Trego Road, to Karl Mullendore, for $75,000.


Barbara P. Armstrong, 7514 Overlook Drive, to Howard E. Jr., and Virginia B. Miller, for $140,000.

Andrew R. and Annette K. Wivell, 23315 Whitetail Road, to Clayton L. and Debra L. Bennet, for $162,000.

Charles V. and Deborah Ann Poffenberger, 14651 Rowland Hill Road, to Kimberly Ann Gore and Diane Catanzaro, for $138,000.

Thomas E. and Dorothy A. Faith, 8410 Lappans Road, to Gregory D. Parks, for $47,000.

Delores Virginia Autry, 129 Alexander St., to Timothy S. and Crystal L. Everett, for $25,000.

Robert and Barbara Patterson, 16532 Fairview Road, to Christophe Edmond Vautrin and Cassandra M. Baker, for $108,500.

Donald W. Baker, 10 E. Salisbury and 11/13 S. Conococheague St., to Antonio Scotto DiCarlo, for $135,351.

Earl L. and Patricia A. Small, 14134 Fairview Road, to William J. and Susan C. Mott, for $120,000.

Raymond Lewis Jr., and Brenda K. Huffman, 18032 Sand Wedge Drive, to Earl Jr. and Patricia A. Small, for $105,000.

R. Douglas Jones and Mary Jane Fischer, 114 Sundown Court, to The Secretary of Housing and Development, for $76,000.

Gary W. II and Lori Ann Swiger, 14121 Newcomer Road, to Lucenda K. Kershner, for $125,000.

Shawn D. and Lisa A. Stevens-Courtney, 19 Lehigh Ave., to Mark W. and Lisa L. Brown, for $97,000.

Margaret L. Genco, 5 Catawba Place, to United Cerebral Palsy of Central Maryland Inc. for $114,900.

Daron Investments Inc., Crystal Falls Estates, to Victor and Charlene F. Campbell, for $159,900.

Caye L. Suarez, 13715 Exline Road, to Cheryl A. Price, for $44,000.

Gerald R. and Sarah J. Lehman, 13324 Marsh Pike, to Livingspace Inc., for $126,000.

Paul David Shank, 202 Grove Ave., to Patrick R. Sr. and Sandra L. Hammond, for $102,500.

Patrick J. Muldowney, 1065 Lindsay Lane, to Gloria J. Forcini, for $124,000.

Charles W. III and Kelly J. Faith, 11112 Nursery Road, to Donna M. Long, for $87,500.

Bruce E. and Christine R. Dick, 18508 Chickasaw Court, to Timothy L. and Shelby L. Daniels, for $123,000.

Jean J. Kaylor, 940 The Terrace, to John P. Psillas, for $187,500.

Martin I. Jr. and Elsie Jane Barr, 1534 Dual Highway, to Robert L. Jr. and Phyllis A. White, for $119,000.

Howard L. Jr. and Elizabeth A. Pabst, 430 Westminster Court, to John A. Sudec, for $184,900.

Dorothy M. Crisp, trustee of the Dorothy M. Crisp Trust, 228 Calvert Terrace, to Miguel A. Rodriguez, for $135,000.

Robert W. and Linda A. Kelley, 13638 Ivy Way, to Oliver H. and Ada R. Martin, for $170,000.

Willis L. Clipp, Manor Church Road, to Carolyn V. Gossard, for $60,000.

Lester Leroy Lewis Jr., 19 Garlinger Ave., to Gary L. Nalley Jr., for $12,000.

Michael M. and Nancy P. Cooney, 67 Johnson Terrace, to Richard Clarence Shepley Jr., for $85,325.

Sharon L. Horn, 1072 Lindsay Lane, to Sarah C. Pease, for $243,000.

John R., Glassburn III, Trustee, Lynda E. Hasenmeier, Trustee, 13316 Fairfax Road, to Breese Mark and Miriam M. Dickinson, for $11,000.

Charles W. Sr. and Betty J. Ernde, 117 Alexander St., to Charles W. Ernde Jr., for $47,500.

Robert M. Wishard Jr., 23530 Foxville Road, to Michael E. Bowman, for $62,500.

Kenneth R. and Vonda Jo Smith, 18507 Horseshoe Bend Road, to Robert L. Hargett Sr., for $135,000.

Daren C. and M. Johnetta Valentine, 108 Grove Lane, to Richard E. Jr. and Christine E. Hawkins, for $116,000.

Patrick R. and Sandra L. Hammond, 9947 Downsville Pike, to Randy R. Roof, for $136,000.

Barbara A. Reeder, 5.15 acres, Boonsboro Pike, to This Olde House Too, LLC, for $65,000.

Shirley Jean Plotner, 17122 Allison Ave., to Amos M. and Vickie A. Bridendolph, for $99,900.

Austin C. and Janet L. Rice, 103 Grand View Court, to Michael G. and Tresa J, Cusimano, for $190,000.

Blaine Edward Feightner, 16933 Shepherdstown Pike, to Joseph A. and Phyllis M. Brusky, for $170,000.

Mariella Day, 5513 Woodbury Walk, to Bruce E. and Christine R. Dick, for $134,500.

Jeffrey Scott and Jennifer Campbell, 101 Lakin Ave., to Charles W. IV and Cindy A. Zang, for $115,000.

Masser Properties Inc., 353 E. Ridge Drive, to Robert A. Hershman, for $79,500.

James S. and Linda F. Stayer, 919 Mulberry Ave., to Laurie J. Hanna, for $104,000.

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