Mail Call for 9/29

September 29, 1999

"For the mayor of Boonsboro: Don't let Boonsboro look like Hagerstown. The corner of Lincoln Avenue and Main Street is terrible. I stopped there to put mail in the mailbox and I thought, ooh, this mailbox doesn't exist, look at all the weeds around here. Well, I called the post office and they said that it does exist and it will be picked up at 2 p.m. I hope so, because it was important mail. These streets are looking terrible especially on the main drag. I think that he should look into this."

"Would someone call in and tell me how to cook a country ham? Do you soak it, take the skin off or do you just cook it like you would a regular picnic ham?"

"I am responding to an intruder that broke into the man's house. I think they should let the owner of the house out of jail. When you wake up and catch someone in your house, whatever happens to that person, you are protecting your property and family. I think that it is part of being an American. I think that we should be allowed to protect our family."


"I am calling about the house on Trego Road that everyone wants condemned. I like everybody else, it does need condemned. Friends of mine used to live there about five years ago, and it was a shambles then. I think it is time that the county steps in and condemns this house before one of those small children get hurt."

"I am responding to the article on Chris Carter and the Board of Education. Several years back they had a bus down here for these children and an aide and an assistant. These two buses run down to Hagerstown and back up empty. It is 222 not 220 and 206. If he would let the bus parked over here at the County Roads or let a driver take the bus home with her as some do. It would save an awful lot of money. One bus could circle around and pick up all of these children. It is taking a lot of gas and a lot of tax money."

"I am interested in a one-day bus trip to the Lancaster area with possibly a lectured trip through the Amish country and stopping in at a couple of places up there. If anyone has a trip of that nature, please let your number in Mail Call."

"I am calling concerning Alt. Route 40 and why it has been so rough, so many years and it seems like there isn't enough money to put two inches of black top on it. It seems to me that government officials don't go over this road at all or even the governor. I would like a response in Mail Call from some state official about this situation."

"Come on Washington County citizens, I think that a one-percent sales tax increase for everyone is surely better than property tax increase for property owners. Wake up."

"I have a complaint, I know this is not the place to complain, but I don't know where else to do it. I frequently go uptown on personal and on business, I have handicapped tags. I like to go to the Owl's Club, but unfortunately I can't go there because the parking is terrible. There is one handicapped space in front of the building, but I can't park there because an employee of the Owl's Club that is not handicapped continues to park there every weekend. I wish the police would do something about this because this lady is not handicapped, she has the tag for her live-in lover. I don't think it is fair, I am wheelchair bound and I cannot get in and out of places. I have a handicapped tag that I should be able to use, but I can't. This person knows who she is and she is not by no means handicapped. This is not fair. They need to enforce this law. Whether she has a handicapped tag or not, she is not handicapped and should not be allowed to use it. It keeps me from living a normal life when someone like that keeps using my space."

"This is for the person that said she doesn't contribute to the Community Rescue Service because they use their sirens. State law requires lights and sirens to be in use for emergency vehicles. It is the law, it is there for your safety as well as everybody else. If she can't put up with the noise for a few seconds, then the next time that she has a heartattack, maybe she will wish that she had contributed to the Rescue Service."

"I don't know how some of these people get these things in their heads. I never heard of an emergency vehicle being irritating using their sirens and flashing lights. The gentleman said that he would make a big donation if they didn't use their sirens or lights. That is what an emergency vehicle is for, it is an emergency and that is why they use their lights. I think what would happen if they didn't use them, he would be the first ones they would hit."

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