Letters to the Editor

September 28, 1999

New stadium would pay big rewards

To the editor:

I am writing in support of a new stadium so that Hagerstown can continue to enjoy Class A baseball. The current stadium is 60 years old and is inadequate regarding parking, seating, access and concessions. Minor league baseball has become very popular and provides pleasant, wholesome recreation for the community.

The proposed project would create a destination-attraction that will bring more people to our area and enhanced revenue to offset local development and operating costs. Proper planning for multiple uses will provide a tourist attraction that will enhance this infrastructure.

Our Hagerstown concrete business was near collapse during the decade of the '70s, but the leaders of our business thought that Hagerstown/Washington County was a valuable franchise for our company.


We made a major investment in 1982 with a new concrete plant and shortly there-after purchased the land the plant occupies. At the time our investment was completely out of proportion with our business prospects but we never looked back.

The development activity the last 15 years has rewarded our vision. I believe that proceeding with the stadium project will reward Hagerstown and Washington County for many years to come.

G. Ronald Weisgerber

President, Thomas, Bennett and Hunter, Inc.

Good reporting

To the editor:

Thank you, thank you Scott Butki and the other Herald-Mail staff for your thorough and honest reporting on the battle over which site would be chosen for the University of Maryland campus in Washington County. Your readers may recall my criticism of your reporting on this issue.

But since then, you have taken the necessary steps to shed light on how the two sites - the Allegheny Power site and the Baldwin House - were chosen over HCC's campus. And you have reported clearly on how Govenor Glendening's visit dealt with the issue as well.

I, too, am saddened that HCC was not one of the sites under consideration. But in the end because enough supporters of HCC spoke up, the level of awareness was increased and the facts were made known. If HCC wasn't to be considered, at least we got good reporting on why. Now your readers can decide for themselves whether or not the various committees' choices were appropriate.

Dorothy Lam


Happy tales

To the editor:

May I share three true stories? I travel Burhan's Boulevard often. After I cross the second bridge I look back to my right to see the large beautiful American flag waving in the breeze, or waiting for one to come along.

One day looked and lo and behold it was in shreds. The result of the wind and rain we had. In a few days there was a bright new one, making my heart glad again. I want to thank who ever noticed and replaced it. I enjoy the beauty of our flag, but I look beyond and also see armies and troops of men and women in uniform giving their lives on the land, sea, and in the air. The least we can do is show respect.

My daughter and I visit my grandson in Western Maryland Center. Sometimes when the nurses and aides need a little more time to give him care we go out and get a sandwich and coke and drive across the road to watch the ducks and squirrels. It is relaxing. One day this mother duck is swimming across the little lake with five or six babies following her. She goes up the bank on to the grass with the little ones scrambling after her. As we watched we noticed she was headed toward Pennsylvania Avenue. We couldn't believe our eyes. We sat horrified, not knowing what to do. Guess what! She put her head up and marched right across that street with her babies. No sign of fear; they made it. With a big sigh of relief we left. I wonder if duckies have guardian angels? Could be.

This one is for animal lovers. This is in memory of my big, black, part Lab and part Doberman who died a year ago. This is a sad story, but the joy and happiness I received for 10 years makes it bearable. He was a wonderful house dog.

He always wanted to please us. He had his own toys, bones, blanket, etc. never chewing anything that was not his. He ate his food though it was not the most expensive. Of course, when I shared my dinner he thanked me by giving me a lick (kiss) on my neck.

Especially when I offered meat. He loved meat. When there was joy and laughter in the house he would wag and wag his tail. When there was discord or raised voices he would walk slowly back to one of our bed rooms. When my prayer time came he always came along and stretched out quietly as I played soft Christian tapes. I think he enjoyed that time as much as I did. One night he was looking out the window, and I was in my chair reading. He gave a little whimper and I ran to him and his head went down and he left me. He loved me and I knew it. I loved him and he knew it.

Frances Moats


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