Mail Call for 9/27

September 27, 1999

"Where do you go for eyeglasses in this town? I have had so many bad experiences with the major optical centers. The order was wrong three times, the manager refused to help and wanted me to pay for an order that was wrong. Please help."

"Mr. Swartz must have unlimited income to keep suggesting to raise the sales tax. How are homeowners to keep up with these increases? He is definitely a one time commissioner."

"This is a silly question but does anybody have a solution to get rid of some whiteheads, like pimples on somebody's face? The best cream that someone can use to moisturize your skin that doesn't clog up the pores and make whiteheads."

"Would it be possible for the Board of Education and the county to mow the grass along the front of Eastern Elementary School at the same time so the weeds aren't four feet tall along the walkway?"


"Attention Corporate CEO's and chairmen of the board, please audit your phone system. We are very disgusted with, press one for this, two for that, three for that and please wait your calls are important to us. While we wait those six to eight minutes they play music that we don't like. Please monitor your system in your building, don't let the phone coompany run it or your bookkeeper or your office personnel. About 40 percent of the calls that I make are 'can you hold please?' I have been in the offices when they have said that and the girls do nothing. So, I think you should monitor and improve your phone system. Do away with this irritation, please believe me. Get a girl there to say hi and what do you want. Just remember you are the ones making these decisions. I want to talk to people, not the phone system. Believe me you are losing a lot of money, believe me."

"City of Hagerstown, mayor and council and all the employees, I want to extend a word of appreciation to Doug Stull and the group of people who are doing an excellent job in the city. The golf course looks great with the flowers and signs and not to mention the park and a few other things. The highway and street department and Doug Stull's people, I want to compliment you. I am a citizen and business owner of Hagerstown. I was born and raised here and I am very proud of Hagerstown and the good work that they are doing."

"I would like to make a comment to improve traffic flow in the city. This is not a gripe, just a complimentary comment. North Potomac, first block coming south in the square, make the center lane, you go forward or turn left. Simple, they do it on Dual Highway and Cleveland Avenue. There are two lanes going either straight or left. The left lane for the left turn is backed up clear past city hall. Take a look at it sometime."

"I am sad to say that I haven't contributed to the Community Rescue for the past seven or eight years. Because of the irritation of the sound. I have been in many other countries, I have seen that when you have an emergency vehicle coming with just flashing lights on, everybody would respect them and get out of the way. Judy Chambers, city administrator, at one time asked me why the citizens cars would not move out of the way of the emergency vehicles. I said because of the irritation that is created by the loud sirens. At night when they are going around the hospital they have the sirens on and they have everybody awake and they do it at 3 a.m. in the morning when nobody is around. I think the boys should just pull the switches on those lights and also the horns and go through town nice and quiet. They would be surprised how much money they could make, I am going to be the first one to make a BIG donation."

"I don't see why the city or the county don't take the stop signs down on Corbit and third street, for all the good they do. Half the people don't even stop anyway."

"I would like to say congratulations to the freshman football team at South Hagerstown High School."

"I think it is a shame that the gaming commission can give 19 athletic organizations donations, but they can only give senior citizens $10,000, where are their priorities?"

"I am calling in response to the police not doing anything about people running red lights. You are exactly right, also, where are the police when these people driving without headlights and their windshield wipers on? I thought this was a law, evidentially it isn't because the police aren't doing anything about it. Where are you police? Come on, get on the ball, NOW!"

"Thank goodness for someone other than us, who thinks if we pull all together with water and sewer debt, with the help of once cent sales tax, thank you commissioner Swartz, a senior tax payer."

"I am calling about the vinegar diet, I want to know if it is safe to use it? What makes the vinegar diet, make you lose weight? Please respond in mail call, thank you."

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