Thumbs up, Thumbs down

September 24, 1999


Thumbs up!To the Hagerstown Housing Authority, for providing decent, affordable housing to low-income and elderly families in this area for 50 years. Life is better for many, thanks to HHA.

Thumbs up!To the Washington County Commissioners, for pressing ahead with Commissioner Paul Swartz's plans to seek a 1 percent state sales tax hike that would raise $12 million a year and pay off the county's water/sewer debt in five years.

Thumbs up!To five Washington County elementary schools - Bester, Salem Avenue, Smithsburg, Hancock and Potomac Heights - which won $131,000 in state aid for improving their test scores and attendance records.


Thumbs down!To Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Brewer Sr., for their tearful plea to a Texas court to spare the life of their son, a white supremicist who dragged a black man to his death. Perhaps they should have pleaded with their son to be a better man.

Thumbs up!To James C. "Jim" Failor, a 40-year veteran of Home Federal Savings Bank, whose specialty was helping people with credit woes get home loans. Thanks to him, many own homes of their own.

Thumbs down!To Maryland Gov. Parris Glendening, who named a citizen committee to study the need for a gasoline tax hike, then announced, before the panel even completed its work, that he wouldn't support any increase for the next three years.

Thumbs down!To the Hagerstown City Council, for putting a $300,000 parking lot grant in jeopardy because members aren't sure where to put a proposed Civil War museum. It's time to decide.

Thumbs up!To the dedicated personnel who revitalized the Sharpsburg Area Emergency Medical Services company, two years after it was planced on probation for not having enough active emergency medical technicians.

Thumbs up!To Barb Casper, an employee of Quad/Graphics in Martinsburg, W.Va., for getting farmers in Wisconsin to donate 100 tons of hay to drought-stricken farms in Berkeley County.

? ? ?To Pat Buchanan, newspaper columnist and presidential candidate, for choosing this moment to question the wisdom of the U.S.'s decision to enter World War II. It's a little late to rewrite that history, isn't it?

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