Mail Call for 9/24

September 24, 1999

"It appears that the only way an individual can show concern or involvement today is by participating in a walk. Every week, on Tuesday, some charity or disease or social cause announces that they are having a walk to raise awareness and money for their organization. This leaves those of us who are physically disabled feeling cut off and rejected by the main stream. It is time that these organizations come up with some other activities besides a walk. So we the physically disadvantaged can enjoy the fellowship of sharing concerns with others. I personally will no longer make donations to any organization that sponsors walks."

"I do not smoke but I feel that the people who want to, it is their own business. They know all about the side effects, so why make it so tough on them? No smoking in the hospital and restaurants is fine. The smoke isn't very pleasant. I saw in one store that a carton of cigarettes is over $30. This is ridiculous. To me drugs are the worst and what is being done about this?"


"Sure, let these people drive without their lights on when its rainy, foggy and almost night. Maybe you will be the one to be in an accident and see if you think it is nobody's business but their own. I can't believe that the police aren't on top of this driving hazard."

"I just hope that the planes aren't up there keeping the rain away even if it is too late for some things. We still need water and I am sure that the farmers plant things in the winter that need moisture. Someone out there doesn't know much about farming, when they say that we don't need the rain now."

"I want to say that we are tired about hearing that everyone wants the campus downtown or out at HCC. What if the rest of the county doesn't want it to go there? We want a new campus that offers more things. I don't want to have to come downtown and leave there at night with all the weirdos. So leave it alone, put it out on I-70 where it belongs."

"I just want to say that I was out at the Robinwood Center the other day. I wanted to say how clean the Diagnostic Imaging Area is. It was clean, the floors were shiny and everybody was friendly. I think all the medical places should be like this and look like this."

"I read where the County Commissioners are asking the state delegates to push for a sales tax increase in Washington County. Does that mean the citizens of Hagerstown are going to be taxed to pay for Washington County sewer? Come off of it! Let them pay for their own sewer!"

"About the bathroom policy at the schools. I think that you should think about what you are doing and quit dictating so much. That is the problem with all of these schools. In my opinion, there are no rights in school anymore."

"I am glad to see that the SPCA is receiving this money from the gaming commission. These animals have no other income and are there because of abuse, neglect or irresponsibility. Yes, I do feel sorry for senior citizens who do not have enough money. Some senior citizens are fortunate to have pension, Social Security and some means of income. I know that this is always not enough, but it is a start. I would like to know how many of these people who do not have money for prescriptions but have money for alcohol, cigarettes, gambling and vacations, etc.?"

"I need information on trying to get a house condemned in the Rohrersville area on Trego Road. I don't know if it would be Frederick or Washington County?"

"I am getting tired of those inmates whining about their conditions of their incarceration. They belly ache about not having enough drug rehabilitation. If they wouldn't have committed the crime that put them there, then we wouldn't have to read it in the paper."

"The County Commissioners are really milking the Washington County residents, wanting to raise their sales tax hike to pay for something that they got themselves into."

"In response to the caller who said a classroom is a classroom. I as a taxpayer would be glad to pay for the upkeep on the manicured lawn at the Allegheny site, rather than have hundreds of children in danger by being in the downtown area. I would prefer my tax money to go for something like that instead of some of the other things that we pay taxes for."

"The Herald-Mail staff members are working on a story about the impact of gambling on the lives of Tri-State area residents. They want to know if anyone is affected by compulsive gambling. They want to talk to you. Why don't they just go to any beer tavern where they have the tip jars. They will get their story right there."

"I am reading about the sales tax, one cent on the dollar. Why can't they take the money that they were going to dump into the baseball stadium and put that towards the water and sewer debt? I think that that would be more appropriate."

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