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September 21, 1999

It's a continuing saga, and we love it.

In response to a reader's request, we ran some of the winning recipes from Washington County Ag Expo.

In response to another reader's request, we reported where to get the peach extract in Shannon and Elizabeth Bittners' best-of-show peach cookies.

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Then last week, thanks to that same reader, we learned that it's actually "artificial peach flavoring." Family and consumer sciences expert Lynn F. Little told us that the terms extract and flavoring are synonymous for "common folk," and most people never would know the difference.

Little also mentioned that one of our readers asked about the grenadine in Elizabeth Bittner's grand champion cherry pie recipe.

So while we're in the "neighborhood," we'll answer that one, too.

Grenadine is a red syrup made from pomegranate juice, according to Webster's dictionary.

It is manufactured in France under a secret formula, according to Little's "The Wise Encyclopedia of Cookery."


It is available at local grocery and liquor stores.

- Kate Coleman, Staff Writer

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