Mail Call for 9/20

September 20, 1999

"I would like to know if the men with the white buckets, collecting for the homeless children, are they on the up and up and where are they from?"

"Isn't it amazing on Sept. 14 the city had all the cigarette butts cleaned up from in front of the bus stop. And those smokers' outpost containers for smokers to put their butts in on the square at the bus stop, are they going to put those all over town? Why don't they post 'no littering' signs up stating the fine and what will happen if you do it?"

"I can give free psychic readings all day long to anybody who doesn't have a least bit of interest in their life, but to let those TV psychic readings take control of it?"

"Hey, Mr. Mayor, I see we are only going to be $200,000 more in debt over the Ice Rink and we still want to build a ball park. Since I don't ice skate or go to ball games, how about giving me something that I do like. Like sweeping my street, you used to do that, but you stopped, why?"


"This is to the person who called and complained about the birthdays or anniversaries. You must be a very sad person and you are just mad because nobody will call in and say happy birthday to you. You must not be married either so there is no use to say happy anniversary. So the next time you see a birthday or anniversary, don't read it, keep going!"

"Seems like the planes kept the rain away this summer. Now why aren't the planes busy keeping the rain away when it is too late for the farmers. They don't need it now. Kind of sad wouldn't you say?"

"My wife and I have been searching for a place to move, possibly like in a townhouse village. One that we had been looking for is one that has security, no racing vehicles, etc. One place we looked, we thought that we had it made, but at the mailboxes out front there was a car halfway out in the street and we confronted by another car coming out. They had a speed limit of 15 miles per hour, if those cars were going 15 mph then I would eat my hat."

"Let me tell you what an assistant is in a classroom. The teacher takes the work to the child and she has to do it, but the teacher doesn't have time to sit down with her because she has the other children to work with. So the assistant that is getting paid $10 an hour is supposed to sit down with the child and help her with the work, just like the teacher would do. When the class is over and they show the work that is done, this girl or boy is supposed to be done, with the help of the assistant, just like the rest of the kids. Just like on a school bus, the driver is not supposed to help the children on the bus that is what the assistant is for."

"I am very surprised at the answers in the paper about the buyback gun program. It is the good people that give up their guns and their protection. I hope that nobody thinks that the bad people are going to sell their guns?"

"The person that wanted to know where the little cottage in Smithsburg was, Deer Mountain. It is not Deer Mountain, it is Blue Mountain Herbs and Roses and that number is 301-745-3455."

"I want to answer the person that was wondering why the Hagerstown Community College was not considered for the University of Maryland site. If they read Thursday's paper it explains it a little bit. The governor asked that question himself. He was told by the committee member that is was rejected because of high utility, land and road cost. Also because the residents on Robinwood Drive, near the college, think that there is already excessive traffic on the road. It would still be more expensive, even if they bought the land out there. So read the paper so you can better understand."

"My name is Evelyn Griffen, calling from Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages for Modern Interiors, 301-791-6236. We are calling customers regarding the next printing of the Washington County Telephone Directory. Please give me a call my number is 410-453-6078, or you may prefer to call our 800 number, 1-800-416-6771, ext. 6078."

"I think that The Herald-Mail should make a write up about how they miscalled the Hurricane Floyd. They had the whole town panicking, grocery stores full, schools called off, everything stopped! They miscalled it and it has been a practice of miscalled weather. Having us do things that were unnecessary. We had nothing but a rain shower as far as I am concerned. We had nothing pertaining to the seriousness that they tried to create. I think that the Herald Mail should turn this thing around and make some comments on it. Let's put in the report of how it was, not just the before facts, but the after facts."

"I think it is disgusting too that Glendening has to have his nose stuck into where this college is going. He's not going to school, he isn't the one that has to come out on the streets of downtown Hagerstown at 10 p.m. at night. Let him keep his nose in Annapolis."

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