Vice president attends game here

September 18, 1999

ST. JAMES - Not unlike any other parents across the United States on Saturday, the vice president and his wife watched their son play high school football.

Al and Tipper Gore found their way to the St. James School campus to root for their son Al, who plays middle linebacker for Sidwell Friends. His team defeated host St. James, 50-13.

The vice president and his wife were dressed casually. He shook hands with other parents and folks from St. James, as well as some of the game's referees.

The vice president even posed for some photographs, including one with St. James' first-year coach, David Rath.

"He's a really nice guy,'' Rath said of the vice president. "I asked him about his son. I asked where his son is going to college next year and found out he's only a junior. I was like, 'Thanks a lot.'''


Gore Jr. helped Sidwell Friends cause three first-half turnovers en route to a 41-0 lead at halftime.

"I saw that he (the vice president) was at the Allegany game last week, so I thought I'd better be ready,'' Rath said of having the camera with him.

St. James plays at Sidwell Friends next year. The school is in the Washington, D.C., area.

- Al Ditzel

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