Thumbs up, thumbs down

September 17, 1999

Thumbs up!To 3-year-old Kelsey Morgan, who rescued her mother, Lori Socks, by running to neighbors after mom had a seizure in their Spruce Street home in Hagerstown. Bravo, Kelsey!

Thumbs up!To the late Eugene Ernest Baltimore, pastor of the King Apostle Holiness Church of Ranson, W.Va., for more than 50 years. Described as a "man for all seasons," he re-chartered the Jefferson County NAACP in 1963 and was its first president.

Thumbs up!To Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft, for his gift of $1 billion to provide 1,000 college scholarships to minority students each year for the next 20 years. Thanks so much, Bill!

? ? ?To the Sharpsburg Town Council, for rejecting Jennifer Silbert's offer to serve as an alternate on the zoning and appeals committee without telling her why. If she's doing something wrong, how can she be expected to correct it?


Thumbs down!To scientists at the Lawrence Livermore nuclear weapons lab, for objecting to polygraph tests planned to combat spying. Is no one willing to sacrifice on behalf of the nation any longer?

Thumbs down!To the Clinton administration, for bowing to business interests which wanted to sell their most sophisticated computer encryption devices overseas with virtually no restrictions, opening the way for foreign terrorists to use them.

Thumbs up!To the more than 1,000 volunteers who kicked off the United Way's annual Day of Caring in the Eastern Panhandle, doing everything from painting to roofing to laying a new sidewalk. Thanks!

Thumbs up!To customers of the Hagerstown municipal water system, who've kept on conserving water even though Maryland Gov. Parris Glendening removed water-use restrictions Sept. 1. Tell folks what's right and many times they'll do it.

Thumbs up!To the Washington County Commissioners, for offering free rides on the County Commuter bus system this week to promote the use of mass transit.

Thumbs down!To all the hypocrites in Congress working behind the scenes to block any meaningful attempt at campaign finance reform. We might as well put bar codes on the candidates' heads and let the big money guys buy them outright.

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