Mayor, council can apply for grant to plant trees

September 15, 1999

Hagerstown's Mayor and City Council may apply for a $14,000 state grant that would be used to plant trees throughout the city.

Formal approval of the grant application is expected during the council's Sept. 28 meeting. It is being prepared by the city Planning Department.

The $14,000 represents unused money from Hagerstown construction projects that was paid to the state under the state Forest Conservation Act.

The money, if granted and approved, would be used for planting trees.

In April the City Council approved a city forest conservation law, which, like the state law, requires developers who clear more than 40,000 square feet of wooded area to replant trees or pay into a fund used to plant trees elsewhere.


Since then one development project has come under the city law.

The developers of a Weis Market and shopping center off Dual Highway and Eastern Boulevard have agreed to pay about $29,400 into the city forest conservation fund, said Matt Davis, a city planner.

About 8.7 acres of woods are being torn down for the project, Davis said.

- Dan Kulin

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