Deeds for August

September 14, 1999

Debra K. Pappas, 16731 Aqueduct Drive, to Timothy W. and Kendra K. Bryan, for $271,000.

Steven R. and Rebecca J. Lewis, 14125 Strite Road, to Patrick K. Himes and Cherie L. Weyant, for $112,900.

Gerald H. Mullinex, 221 Brookside Terrace, to Michael J. Yeager, for $91,000.

Albert Young and Kathleen Moore Prytherch, 1917 Maplewood Circle, to Michael R. and Karen L. Baer, for $139,000.

James V. and Anne B. Firth, 16838 Shinham Road, to Stephen W. Rhinecker, for $127,200.

Douglas V. and Susan W. Chapman, 250 Lily Court, to David Edmond Benkert Jr., for $90,000.

Prather E. Hull Jr., 13902 North Valley Drive, to Patricia A. Lane and Donald E. McIntyre Jr., for $106,000.

Paul N. Crampton Jr., 107 Grand Oak Drive, to Charles H. Jr. and Rita R. Pope, for $138,100.

Gloria Murray, Per. Rep., 42 Elizabeth St., to Harry G. and Patricia H. McClelland, for $40,000.

DDRC PDK Hagerstown, LLC 17530 Swann Road, to James Robert Bowen, for $121,000.


R. Dennis Hollinger and Bonnie D. Robinson, 17723 Meadowood Drive, to Charles R. Shank and Melissa J. Hoffman, for $106,000.

Larry C. Keplinger, Per. Rep. for estate of Charles A. Keplinger, 18030 Sand Wedge Drive, to Nancy S. Strine, for $91,000.

Frederick A. Conte, 5228 Hollow Tree Lane, to Charles C. and Nancy J. Rothrock, for $260,000.

Scott A. and Karen M. Lindsay, 4408 Trego Road, to Donald R. Wheeler, for $147,500.

Eleanor M. Murphy by David Allen Murphy, her A.I.F., 609 Maryland Ave., to Eleanor J. Clupp, for $79,900.

David L. Ruffner, Per. Rep. for estate of Dorothy Fouch, 17180 Bakersville Road, to Floyd E. Jr. and Kathryn Aunay, for $235,000.

Randal J. and Kristal A. Bowers, 308 W. Chapline St., to James R. and Deena A. Hines, for $88,000.

Todd A. and Lisa M. Webster, 331 McDowell Ave., to Mark R. Stoffer, for $86,000.

G. Blair Gibson, Appalachian Court, to Daron Investments, for $8,000.

Michael S. and Sharon C. Dawson, 2741 Lime Kiln Road, to Sandra L. Ferguson, for $20,000.

William R. Jr., and Beverly H. Abeles, 19510 Meadowbrook Road, to Blaine Allen II and Christal Jean Mowen, for $142,000.

Richard L. and Mary Ellen Butts, 11927 Robinwood Drive, to Teresa and David Zittle, for $105,000.

Gary and Desiree Green, 14909 Falling Waters Road, to Thomas D. Day III, for $125,000.

Lynn B. and Paula A. Kendle, National Pike, to Trustees of the Community Mennonite Church of Franklin Conference, for $24,000.

Margaret A. Bowman and Gareth S. Flook, 1006 Brinker Drive, to C. Donald Easterday, for $55,000.

Mansoor and Janet Emral Shaool, 11125 Shalom Lane, to William W. and Virginia M. McCaffrey, for $50,000.

Lynn B. and Paula A. Kendle, 21206 National Pike, to Brett A. and Stacie D. Briggs, for $24,000.

Charles M. Bowers and C. Glenn Fox, 1211 Rabbit Court, to Rachel E. Smith, for $135,900.

Carol J. Troutman, 11813 Partridge Trail, to Dwayne G. and Giorgina E. Young, for $118,000.

Robert L. and Ernest E. Hoffman, 828 S. Potomac St., to Julia I. Wright, for $35,300.

Dawn M. Scibilia, 616 George St., to W. Douglas Jr. and Sherrie M. Diehl, for $84,000.

Cary Eldon Hockett, Per. Rep. for estate of Robert Francis Fay, 17908 Oak Village, to Arnold Pendleton, for $95,000.

Dwayne G. and Giorgina E. Young, 1034 Brinker Drive, to Francesca E. Dellamea, for $62,900.

Leon S. and Beverly A. Price, Mondell Road, to Perry W. and Denise D. Price, for $72,000.

Jack E. and Mary Jane Comer, 2010 Starlight Lane, to Kathleen B. Downin, for $79,000.

Jaqueline R. Miller, 13343 Keener Road, to Vincent S. Jr., and Bonnie Ruch, for $117,000.

James S. and Tina M. South, 1337 Cedarwood Drive, to Keith A. and Juanese T. Nelson, for $111,400.

Norman D. and Janet A. Ebersole, 16243 Broadfording Road, to Donald T. and Brenda A. Karns, for $99,500.

John T. and Sue E. Hoover, 334-336 Mitchell Ave., to John T. Hoover III, for $162,000.

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