Mail Call for 9/13

September 13, 1999

"I am calling to say thank you to the Martin's grocery store on Dual Highway. They once again, came through and gave us bags to serve food at Boonesborough Days. Thanks again."

"Keep your heads up North High freshman football team."

"Did you ever get tired of talking on the phone and trying to talk and need help and all you get is hold, please try again, all lines are busy, push this button, push the next button. By the time you get done pushing buttons, you get frustrated and still push the next button. Is it any wonder why the world is so messed up and worried about the computers going haywire? Oh my, It wouldn't be so complicated if you wouldn't have all those buttons to push. Please let us get real."

"The changes and renovations of the city government offices have been planned for about five years, according to Wednesday's Daily Mail. But yet according to the same sources, the same government officials are still trying to determine what goes where."


"Mayor Bruchey said next year's projected budget deficit is more than $100,000, but in the same breath he said we need to build a new stadium, he also said we need to increase taxes. Good bye, one-term mayor."

"The American Cancer Society does send acknowledgments to people who make memorial contributions. You need to call the office and ask them what has happened and if they received your contribution."

"I am a representative of the American Cancer Society and we do send memorial acknowledgments to the donor and to the family of the deceased. The caller should call our office at 301-733-8272 to see if their donation was received."

"Concerning the Board of Education, if a payday falls on a snow day, we can't pick our check up until the first day the school reopens. What if school is closed for a week, what about our food and bills? If we can get into the Board of Education to get our checks, then they can get in there to give them to us. Someone better think this over before they decide on it."

"This is to all the selfish people out there. I agree with the person who called in about the perfume in the restaurants. I don't smoke either, but I can stand the smell of smoke better than I can the stinky perfume and the men's aftershave smells terrible, too. I like my husband when he comes home from work. He smells sweaty after a hard day's work."

"I don't agree with the person who said that a home car license plate indicates that it is a camper. The one that I saw was an automobile."

"This is to the lady who is looking for the gown dress and rental shop in Halfway. The number of the lady you are looking for is 301-797-3011. You must make an appointment. She does not accept walk-ins."

"I saw a brown Pekingese dog that appeared to be two or three years old. I believe that it was a male. It was walking up Fairview Mountain, when I came back down that way it was limping along at the Licking Creek Bridge with a dead snake in its mouth."

"I am calling about the smoking issue. It's pretty bad when people have to complain about smokers. It is something that some people enjoy doing. It isn't your body, so why complain? If you don't like it, walk another way."

"I am calling about the person who is concerned about their family member not being taken care of in the nursing home. Well, it is all in the administration of the nursing home, it is like they don't want to give the CNA's any help out on the floor. But, they have money for everything else, and they don't want to help these people that are feeding their mouths and paying the big bucks to live in these nursing homes. Something needs to be done about it."

"To the person looking for a gas station that will pump your gas for you, McGuire's Mobil will on Maugans Avenue. They will pump it for the self-serve price, also check your oil, clean your windshield, whatever you need. They are very handicapped friendly."

"I am calling about the subject of smoking. I don't understand why people have to complain about smokers all the time. Maybe we blow it in your face for a reason because we are tired of you guys complaining all the time and being such crybabies. It is our body, so mind your own business. That is the reason our town is the way it is. All the trouble of people sticking their nose where it doesn't belong, if you don't like walking by the smoke, walk a different way."

"In response to an editorial in Thursday's paper, it asked why The Herald-Mail was investigating the man that was on the Internet. It is our business and The Herald-Mail's business because he was using the citizens' and taxpayers' computer to do the surfing and the taxpayers are paying for him to be there."

"I see where some lady is looking for the Inspector Gadget left leg, I think it is number four. If it is, I have it. My number is 301-797-7004."

"I would like to say happy birthday to my grandson on his first birthday, Reid Wallech from his grand mom and pappy."

"Happy first birthday to our nephew, Reid Wallech. Love you, Aunt Sissy and Uncle Jeremy."

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