Mail Call for 9/10

September 10, 1999

"If God would have put eyelashes on snakes, they wouldn't look so ferocious."

"Now is the time of the year for the children to be out selling their fund-raisers to earn money. Let me warn the parents to tell their children not to take the time and let someone keep your child at their home for a half hour or more questioning them about their household. A person I know kept a child at her house for a half hour, so please beware children, make your appearance and go on."

"I think doctors are acting very unprofessional when they refer to stomach problems as heartburn. Would they please stop that unethical practice."

"To the person that thinks it was so terrible for Keri Schrader to accept the red fox fur at the fur trapping convention. I bet if they were given one, there wouldn't have been any complaints about it."


"I think that if the employees that work in City Hall are permitted to use their computers for their own personal use, then I as a water department employee should be able to take my tools and truck home and do my personal projects with them. There is no difference, they are the tools of our trade."

"To the mayor and City Council of Hagerstown, can you explain to me why the city doesn't enforce the building codes for all owners of properties in Hagerstown? It seems to me that the city makes people on Social Security or low income, fix their homes up. When property owners with money don't have to fix theirs, the city buys the property."

"A set of keys have been lost in the Hagerstown area. The name of the person that lost them is on the keys. If anybody should find them please call 301-790-1210."

"I was wondering if anyone could help me find a shampoo called ARPEC. It maintains brightness in white or pale blonde hair."

"I want to say to Sissy, Judy and Bobby, that I am really sorry about Grandma and we will always be there for you guys. I love you all, little Judy."

"We live in Crest Valley. This is a suggestion from the people who live around the circle. Would you people please, who walk your dogs, have a little common courtesy to us and clean up after your dogs, plus keep them off of our lawns that we walk on and mow. Carry a scooper and pick up your dog's dirt."

"This is to the person that stole the large stone basket and chimes off of my parents' grave at Greenlawn Cemetery in Wiliamsport. We know the basket, because it was not bought in this area. We are looking for you and we wish you nothing but bad luck until it is returned. You don't get any lower. The Palmers."

"If all of these church people who think the rain came because they prayed for rain. Well let them pray for the hurricanes, the tornados and the huge forest fires."

"I would like to congratulate Pat Steiner for his recent hole-in-one at Beaver Creek Country Club. Way to go Pat."

"Alert, SPCA. Greenbrier Road is overrun by cats and kittens. Bring traps and catch. From a concerned citizen."

"Why does everyone find fault with the Washington County Hospital? I wish people would quit picking on these people. Being admitted and discharged makes everybody in one way or another working together to make everything go right. I am very proud to be a part of this staff. Thank God that we have such a wonderful hospital and people who work there day and night to keep it working very well."

"I am a non-smoker and as for the person who made the comment about the cigarette smoking at the steps at the hospital. They have no right to judge those people. Everyone has a bad habit in this world. No one has the right to judge that habit. It is nobody's business what those people do."

"To the people in West End housing, did you know that you can have wild parties until wee hours in the morning, let your garbage pile up until it starts sprouting, let your kids destroy other people's property, they won't do anything? But if you miss the bug man a couple of times you are out of there. That is pretty sad."

"I read Mail Call for entertainment and what never ceases to amaze me is the people who ask for something, such as packing peanuts and they don't put their own phone number in the paper."

"To the elderly person who wanted to know about someone pumping gas for you. Go to the Sunoco station on Dual Highway. They will do it for you. You might have to go in to ask them until they get to know you. They are really nice and friendly people."

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