Thumbs up, thumbs down

September 03, 1999

Thumbs up!To the hundreds of volunteers who gave time to Washington County's United Way's Day of Caring, demonstrating that there are real, caring people behind this charitable appeal.

Thumbs down!To Maryland Gov. Parris Glendening, for allowing himself to be talked into easing drought-related water-use restrictions, when the drought is a long way from over. We hope citizens continue to conserve voluntarily.

Thumbs down!To those Maryland state officials who heard the news about Maryland's $320 million surplus for 1999 and immediately announced how they'd spend it. A little less talk and more thought, please.

Thumbs down!To the town of Beloit, Wisconsin, for fining a woman $320 for placing 500 yellow ribbons in trees and on utility poles, to support U.S. military people who are stationed in Kosovo. You couldn't make up something this stupid.


? ? ?To Hagerstown City officials wondering what to do about an employee who participated in on-line Internet auctions, sometimes during work hours. It's obvious: Give this guy more to do.

Thumbs up!To the State of Maryland, for announcing it hopes to triple mass transit use in rural areas in the next 20 years. It's probably a cheaper solution than adding another five or six lanes to the interstate highways.

Thumbs up!To donors who provided thousands of dollars to pay for chemotherapy treatments for Bubba, an 8-year-old Annapolis police dog who's still working despite suffering from cancer!

Thumbs up!To the late Richard P. Kramer, who served the public as a town supervisor in Green Township. Pa., for more than 20 years. Those who knew him say he was a fair man who had residents' interests at heart.

Thumbs up!To Randolph M. Anders of Charles Town, W.Va., a long-time blood donor who recently passed the 22-gallon mark. Thanks to him and other donors, many are alive.

Thumbs up!To the Knight-Ridder News Service, for confirming that cloud seeders have been working in western Kansas since 1975. The controversial program will go to referendum this month because some claim it does more harm than good.

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