Little league dunking booth rejected

September 01, 1999|By SCOTT BUTKI

The Maugansville Little League can't have a dunking booth at this weekend's Maugansville Pride Days because of state drought restrictions, although other dunking booths have been allowed elsewhere in the county.

The Little League, which has had a dunking booth at the event for about 15 years, was neither surprised nor disappointed by the decision, said Jay Stouffer, a member of the league's board of directors.

The rejection will mean about a $400 to $500 loss for an organization with a budget of about $60,000, Stouffer said Monday.

Last week the league asked Dave Shindle, Hagerstown Water Department engineer, for an exemption from mandatory statewide water restrictions. Shindle rules on exemption requests from city water customers .


Shindle said he rejected the request because the league could not prove that canceling the event would be a "financial hardship," a necessary requirement for water rules to be waived.

"It is not a big hardship," Stouffer agreed.

The league has other, larger fund-raisers annually, including a candy sale, he said. Stouffer and Shindle did not know how much water would have been needed for the dunking booth.

The league will either come up with another event for this weekend's Pride Days or skip the event, he said.

Washington County Health Department Drought Coordinator David Barnhart waived the state rules and allowed the Muscular Dystrophy Association to have a dunking booth as part of an Aug. 21 fund-raiser at Richard's Diner and Lounge on Nottingham Road in Hagerstown. The entire fund-raiser raised $400.

Barnhart said he gave the waiver because the booth required only a little water from a spring and the cause was a good one.

An Aug. 21 block party in Hancock sponsored by the Hancock Baptist Church featured a dunking booth. The Hancock Fire Co. provided about 200 gallons of water from the Potomac River for the booth, said Scott Murphy of the company.

Hancock Town Manager Louis O. Close said he had no objection to the dunking booth.

Shindle said he will decide on future dunking booth requests on a case-by-case basis, depending on the extent of financial hardship from canceling the event.

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