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Mail Call for 8/30

August 30, 1999

"I think it was nice that the Board of Education sponsored a pep rally on Tuesday to welcome back all the teachers and school staff. But I think it is ridiculous that they paid $3,000 for a speaker from Chicago, and that doesn't include the travel expenses for him to speak there. Certainly they could have found someone local to speak for the rally and would have only charged a fraction of the cost or even spoke free. I think that it was a poor use of the school's money."

"There are a lot of four-way stops in this town and people should learn what that means. It doesn't entitle every car from one side of the street to go through at one time."

"This is for the person who was asking about Blue Mountain Herbs and Flower Shop. I have a number for them, 301-745-3455."

"To the vultures who took the fresh flowers from the memorial sprays at Rest Haven. The deceased had something that you will never know, that is a loving family, lifelong friends and, most of all, respect. We feel sorry that the only joy you have in life is stealing from the dead."


"Why doesn't Allegheny Power keep their $20,000 that they are going to give to the new YMCA and help their customers out a little bit, instead of adding $10 to their electric bills."

"To the person who originally called in about the dogs at the Marlowe exit, I think that all these people calling in and letting these smart comments are just plain rude. If you see animals in desperate need of attention or being mistreated, you should call your local SPCA and report it. But don't take matters into your own hands."

"To the person who sits in the dark so the neighbors don't see them. Call the police, I wouldn't sit in the dark in my own home and be terrorized. Call the cops."

"I have a son-in-law who is with the Sheriff's Department and I assure you that he does not have a car for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. I don't know where this person got this information, but you better go out there and check it out. As many deputies as we have here, there are too many deputies and not enough vehicles for each one to have one 24 hours a day, every day. They are doing a great job and they should be treated with a little more respect."

"This is a resident of Madison Avenue. I see where the city of Hagerstown has bought another property. Councilman McClure voted against it because of the off street parking isn't enough. I agree with him. Why doesn't the city buy some of these properties up here so the residents and taxpayers have someplace to park their cars?"

"I just read the drug convictions in the papers. How come most of these only got a fine or probation? Why didn't they get any jail time? The out-of-town ones didn't get any jail time. If they come over here to Maryland and get caught, they should really be punished. Why do the judges just give them a slap on this wrist with a suspended sentence and a little fine? Someone reply to me and let me know why."

"This is in response to the person who drove down Sharpsburg Pike and saw the state workers cleaning off the middle of the road. Did you ever think about who cleans all that snow up in the wintertime? If you have that much time to drive up Sharpsburg Pike, why don't you get out and help them a little bit. They sure could use the help, that is, to get the glass, grass, dirt and any other kind of stuff off the road, so you don't have flat tires. Thank you very much."

"My name is Amy and I have an answer for the lady that called in about her granddaughter being a model if you would give me a call at 301-797-0898. I would be glad to hook you up with my agent and get your granddaughter started in modeling."

"I would like to say happy 62nd birthday to Margaret. Happy birthday from all of us."

"Congratulations to Joe for 35 years of service with the town of Williamsport. Keep on giving Joe, the town citizens appreciate you even though the mayor and council don't, we sure do. Over and out."

"This is in response to the free police car 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is not free. Whenever we drive it, we are working constantly whether we are paid or not. We work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, seven days a week, but we only get paid for 40 hours. So when we see something that happens we still have to respond to it whether we get paid or not."

"Considering the watering of the athletic fields, I take it that the reason for that is so that our precious athletes don't get hurt in any way. I thought our athletes were supposed to be tough, but this is not so in Maryland. Concerning the $700,000 cost of reseeding seven athletic fields, according to my calculations that is $100,000 per athletic field. That is the most expensive grass seed on God's green earth."

"To the woman who wanted her 7-month-old to be a model. Let her be a child. Don't make her grow up any faster than she has to, it will put too much pressure on her when she gets older."

"To those who think that $25,000 is enough for a sheriff's deputy, yes they have a car and so do the state police, their salary averages $40,000 a year. When they do drive the car they are subject to be on duty at all times, handle calls and generally don't get paid when that happens."

"I want to wish my sister Christine, of Pectonville Road, a happy birthday on Aug. 29. I love you very much. You are a very great sister. Love, your sister Colleen."

"I see the Board of Education is taking steps to make the schools more safer with the cell phones and such, but what about the bus drivers, what protective measures do they have? I think that this should be looked into."

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