Van, SUV crash into house

August 30, 1999|By KIMBERLY YAKOWSKI

FUNKSTOWN - Walter and Mary Lou Rizer were at home watching television Monday night when they heard a screech followed by a loud crash that shook their house.

"I didn't know what happened. It scared the daylights out of me," said Mary Lou Rizer as she stood outside her 201 E. Baltimore St. home.

A Plymouth Voyager and a Chevrolet Blazer collided at the intersection of Frederick Road and East Baltimore Street around 9 p.m., then hit the house, according to the Washington County Sheriff's Department.

Both vehicles were headed east on East Baltimore Street, when one of the vehicles hit the other from behind, deputies said.


The van and sport utility vehicle both drove over the sidewalk and a small strip of grass before crashing into the side of the Rizer's house. Both vehicles came to rest with their front ends embedded in the house, each under a window. They narrowly missed hitting a fire hydrant on the sidewalk between them.

Three people inside the vehicles were taken to Washington County Hospital with what deputies believed were minor injuries.

Information on the drivers and a passenger was unavailable Monday evening.

The Rizers were in the living room at the rear of the two-story brick house and were not injured.

The damage to the Rizer's home was more extensive than it looked, according to Funkstown Fire Chief W. Kyd Dieterich.

A 3-foot crack in the brick in the front of the home could be seen and a window under the Chevrolet Blazer was pushed in by the vehicle.

Dieterich said the Blazer damaged the side of the home and an interior staircase. About 15 years ago a car hit the home in the same spot but caused less damage, said Walter Rizer.

The Rizers said accidents at the intersection used to be common until a light was installed there a few years ago.

The couple has lived in Funkstown for more than 20 years, Walter Rizer said.

Although he recently repaired the house's roof and now faces more work, Walter Rizer was taking it in stride.

"Oh, well. This stuff happens," he said.

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