Thumbs up, thumbs down

August 27, 1999

Thumbs up!To Randy Leatherman, a 38-year-old Fairplay man who recently participated in the rescue of people buried in rubble after an earthquake struck the country of Turkey.

Thumbs up!To Allegheny Power, for its generous donation of $100,000 toward construction of a new YMCA building on Hagerstown's Eastern Boulevard. So far, the community has stepped up with $5.2 million in pledges.

Thumbs up!To the more than 100 citizens who turned out for the Fox-Deceived rezoning hearing to oppose a 230-unit development on Mt. Aetna Road. It takes time, but few battles worth fighting are won quickly.

Thumbs up!To Franklin County, Pa., for its decision to set up a Healthy Communities Partnership, a consortium of 37 agencies dedicated to returning to the days when people in the community cared about each other and their needs.


To Jane White, a resident at Hagerstown's Potomac Towers senior citizen housing Thumbs up!complex, for her years of volunteer service, tending the flower gardens there.

Thumbs down!To those officials in Frederick, Md, who feel that the tradition of singling out black students who make the honor roll for praise is a bad thing. Yes, all honor-roll students, regardless of race, deserve praise, but how can praising anyone be a bad thing?

Thumbs up!To the Opequon, W.Va. Public Service District, for offering to sell a half million gallons of water per day to drought-stricken jurisdictions in the local area. Thanks.

Thumbs up!To Melinda "Mindy" Marsden, for agreeing to take over as executive director of the Washington County Historical Society. Marsden, who's been a longtime volunteer on the United Way's budget committee, will do a fine job.

Thumbs up!To the Mulberry Street resident who suggested that Hagerstown fine violators of the city's property-maintenance code and use the cash to hire additional police. It's two good ideas in one.

Thumbs down!To the person or persons who knocked over or destroyed 50 headstones at the Hill Chapel Cemetery in Fulton County, Pa. It was an act which took no courage, and it certainly didn't take any brains, so why did you knuckleheads bother?

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