Mail Call for 8/26

August 26, 1999

"I have noticed that on The Weather Channel when thunderstorms come down from the west, they get down around Hancock and Clear Spring and the storms spread and go around Hagerstown. When they get past Hagerstown, they come back together again and go into Frederick County. Looks to me that even Mother Nature doesn't want anything to do with Hagerstown."

"I was wondering if someone had any idea where I could find a modeling agency or anybody that does any modeling photography or where I can get my granddaughter into modeling. She is seven months old now. Please call Mail Call with the number."

"I have been reading all the comments about the drought. To all the people who believe that we do not have a drought, open up the Bible to the book of Joel and read chapter 1, verses 15 through 20. Then if you want go out and water your golf fields, athletic fields, wash your cars and don't worry."


"Little Miss Britta, we are so very proud of your first performance in 'Damn Yankees,' presented by the Washington County Playhouse. Keep up the good work! Love you, Granddad and Grandma T."

"The budget for the year 2000 that Washington County has to pay for Hagerstown Community College is $4,000,246.10, plus a capital improvements program of $627,500 which the taxpayers have to pay. Build the University of Maryland out there because the students are going to prefer having that they graduated from the University of Maryland rather than the Hagerstown Community College. Eventually merge the two together to take this white elephant off the backs of the taxpayers.Why have we not heard this from our politicians? That is why we elected them, to have solutions, not to sit there without answers."

"I read where the golf course can use ponds. Let me tell them, in case of a fire, where are we going to get that water? We may need to go to them ponds to get water, one never knows. So hopefully there will never be a fire there or anywhere else, it is in really bad shape out there. Let the water in the ponds for better use and let the grass go."

"Who cares whether George W. Bush used drugs or not? I don't. Look at what our current president said he did and didn't do."

"The deputy sheriff that responded to a person in Mail Call that his income wasn't even half of $50,000. Does he remember that he also has a car free for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year."

"My, my, my, stealing clothes out of other people's yards and such. I read in the Police Beat about women's clothing being stolen from a woman's back yard off the clothes lines. The two that are stealing clothes, you are nuts. Doesn't anyone have any respect for anybody that lives in Hagerstown anymore? I guess we can see where the town is going and what kind of reputation it has."

"I am not the owner of those dogs at the Marlowe exit. I am one of these people that you have a problem with about animals. If you love animals so much, why don't you go out there and buy one of those empty houses and have everybody drop their animals over to you? Then you have give them each their own beds, their own bathtubs, if you are such an animal lover."

"I wanted to say that I was out at the Valley Mall and I couldn't even get out of the parking lot for about a half hour on Tuesday. Nobody wants to let you out, people are driving real fast and when you do get out they blow the horns and throw a fit. It is a mess out there."

"I certainly hope that we get affected by that tropical storm that is in the Atlantic ocean, I think it is called Cindy. We don't need the tornado activity, but we sure could use the rain. Heavy rain and moderate rain certainly would help this area. Are they going to pray for rain at this public gathering later this week?"

"To the person who has to sit in the dark so the neighbors don't see them. Well just pull the shades down or do to them what they do to you."

"I just returned with my grandchildren after going to the Waynesboro ice rink. What a wonderful time. Hagerstown should go and talk to those people and see how they operate. They are not losing money, they are making money, well organized, lots of people and fun. Busy all day and evening with different bookings. From ice skating lessons and public skating and so forth. Public skating is from 1 to 2:30 p.m. and in the evening from 7 to 8:30 p.m. and the rest of it is booked up with many lovely and interesting things. Hagerstown quit playing around and get your act together."

"I was driving along the Sharpsburg Pike on Tuesday. They had a huge state crew out, at least 20 workers coming down the middle of the road. Guess what they were doing? They were scraping the dirt and grass off the side of the breakdown lane. Now it hadn't rained in months. I drive that road every day, it looked pretty clear to me. Obviously the state has plenty of money to throw away on idiotic projects."

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