Mail Call for 8/25

August 25, 1999

"I would like to know why it is legal for people to come into the state of Maryland and hit a child or anyone else and be able to get away with it by law. I don't think that it is right, especially when your child is permanently damaged for life. Disability or anyone else won't help your child, then my main concern is, why are the laws the way they are? It seems like the laws need to be changed, especially when they don't know who was behind the wheel of the car. That law needs to be changed also to protect our kids."

"To the person who was complaining about not being able to fill up a child's swimming pool, yet being allowed to water flowers. I have to agree with you on that because kids are more important than flowers. Flowers can be replaced, children can't. It is more important that the kids should be able to cool off on a hot summer day and the flowers can wait. This water restriction is getting out of hand."


"I recently paid my electric bill and for the first time noticed a designated customer charge of $10. All past bills are the same. A representative told me that the reason for this is to read the meter and maintaining the meter. This really seems off the wall. Any comment, am I missing something here?"

"I would like to wish little Gary Shatzer in Williamsport a happy sixth birthday from Aunt Ruth and Grandma Doris."

"Concerning the Mail Call discussion about the salaries of the police officers, $25,000 a year is more than a fair salary for a police officer in the local area. After all, a teacher makes about the same and the police officer isn't required to have four year college degree. Yes, it is dangerous, but you know this when you decide to be one."

"I certainly will be glad when we don't have to read any more letters to the editor of the Clinton haters. They are starting on his wife, Hillary Clinton."

"No wonder the kids are so mixed up these days. They can't help it when the parents are so mixed up themselves. When the person would rather have the athletic fields watered so their kids can play, rather than save water so they have some to use in everyday life. Doesn't this say something about these people?"

"Has anybody out there used the vinegar diet to lose weight? If they have, have you had results or is it just another fad?"

"To the person who wanted the athletic field watered so their kids can play. To me, to have water to drink and bathe with, means more to me than kids playing on a field. I guess they have never been short of water."

"You people need to go to South High and take some pictures and talk to some people, I was in there on Monday and it is unbelievable. They think they are going to have school in there."

"This is for the person who has a neighbor that is looking in their windows and he has to sit in the dark in order to stop him from looking into their home. I suggest buying a roller blind. They only cost three or four dollars and they are six feet, so it would cover almost any window. Pull the blind down and do whatever you want to."

"Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding your babies for one year or as long after as mutually desired. Mothers that breastfeed have increased weightloss, less risk of breast cancer and osteoporosis. Babies that are breast fed have higher IQs, less risk of dying of SID Syndrome, better eye and hand coordination, less chance of juvenile diabetes. It saves approximately $1,200 a year in formula and also $1,500 a year in sick baby visits. Breast-feed your baby, you will be glad you did."

"I would like to wish a get well soon to Linda. Sorry that you broke your arms and one leg when you fell out of bed. Also, you may not be very happy, but happy birthday to Linda."

"There is a disease plaguing our country. While it affects many people, it affects us all. It is creeping up and gaining strength everywhere we go. It is called left-laners' disease. So please when you are driving down the highway, get over, get over now before it is too late."

"I wanted to say I am glad that the Community Free Clinic exists and I hope that more people who are able to give donations would do so. We people who don't have insurance need this clinic, so please give your donations so we can have a place to get medical treatment that we cannot afford now. I commend the staff at the clinic for a job well done."

"Thanks to the person who sent in the information about the tennis court nets not being put up at the park in Smithsburg. It is a shame. I used to always go there with my children so they can play and I could play tennis. I understand that the mayor had the nets taken down to put up a skate park and now the skate park isn't even there. A sure sign of a big waste of something that the people of Smithsburg could be using. I hope they think twice and put the tennis nets up again."

"They did a wonderful job on the railroad tracks on Northern Avenue. When, oh when are they going to do the one in Maugansville by the fire hall? It is deplorable."

"Is there still and active Appalachian Trail Club in the area? I would like to know."

"I am really sorry for the students and their hard athletic fields, you can keep pouring and pouring the water in the ground and it is going to suck it up. The water is going deeper and deeper in the ground and spreading in all directions to help all of the earth. Stop watering the athletic fields. It is of no use and you are wasting our water. Come December, we may really want the water, and there won't be any because of a few selfish athletes."

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