Mail Call for 8/20

August 21, 1999

"I would like to know something. I just came back from the beauty shop. It used to be $25 for a perm, then it went up to $30, then $35, then $40 and now it is $42. I know perms don't cost that much. Then what gripes me is that I have to go and tip. Why do I have to tip when I don't tip when I go and buy clothing? Why do perms have to cost this much? Please let me know."

"I read a couple of weeks ago about people parking in the handicapped parking spots at the shopping centers. What would you do if someone parked in your private handicapped space when you are sick and can't walk? I have bone cancer and when you say something to them they say they didn't read the sign. Some of them say they aren't going to be long. I called the police on Thursday and the female police had them towed away. Again on Friday a male officer came down and I told him to have it towed away and he only put a ticket on it. There were five other regular parking spots and they could have parked in those, but instead, they parked in mine. I am very upset about this."


"When the Prime Outlets are sold and Washington County gets $611,800 to record the deed transfer, this would make a good payment on the water and sewer bill. Don't you think?"

"I drove into Smithsburg on Saturday, Aug. 14, to an auction. When I got into Smithsburg, I drove up to the corner where there were 12 parking places. But they had 'no parking' signs up and said it would be towed away. So I went down to a building that looked like the ambulance company. They had some spots so I parked there. I went into the auction and about 15 minutes later the auctioneer said that there are cars parked along side of the building and you are not allowed to park there. This is the wonderful town of Smithsburg I heard so much about. I hope these people that have the ambulance company and the building up at the railroad track read this."

"I wanted to respond to the caller who called in about the chemical smell. I too have noticed a smell in the Long Meadow area of Hagerstown. We aren't getting sick from it, but my little boy woke up with a stomach ache and my other son had a headache from it. I too would like to know where it is coming from."

"In just a very short time, the public pools and what people have in their homes will be drained. The fire companies could drain some of these pools and mix it with clear water to lower the chlorine content. This could be used for watering various types of plants that need rehabilitated or used to save lives. This could be something that the officials could look into. Perhaps someone else would have a related comment."

"I am wondering if the Board of Education is planning on putting fencing up between the new log cabin going up behind Hickory Elementary School because it will be unsafe to have it right next to the school? If something happens to my child because of their irresponsibility, I swear the Board of Education will never see such a lawsuit like I will file if something happens to my child."

"Don't believe everything you read. The Board of Education says they are fully ahead of schedule at South Hagerstown High School. It is not true. The work is so far behind, concrete hasn't even been poured into some of the hallways. Things are still rolling along, but there is no way they are going to be ready in time."

"I have a lot of General Mills boxtop coupons, if anybody would like to have them. They are not the ones for education. I understand the schools can't use those. These are just the ones with points on them. So, if anyone is collecting them for the merchandise you can get out of the catalogs, you are welcome to them. Give me a call at 301-733-1806."

"Could someone please tell me why everybody can use a hand- held hose to water their flowers, but we cannot fill our little child's swimming pool? If I fill it up with a bucket, it will take maybe four buckets, but if I fill it up with the hose, I can get a $1,000 fine. This is ridiculous. Toddlers need a place to cool off, too. I think they are a little more important than watering your flowers."

"To the person who called in and said about the two dogs chained to the boxes at the Marlowe exit that had no water. How can you tell if they never have any water unless you crossed over and trespass onto people's property. That is what's wrong with the world today, there are too many nosy people who put their nose where it doesn't belong."

"I have been reading about this water situation all over the country. I have to agree with some people about them being allowed to water the athletic fields. I think that if there is a crisis that is as bad as it is going to get they should just cancel the athletic events until it rains and the field comes back on its own."

"Recently I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I am having a difficult time dealing with this disease, physically and emotionally. Does anyone out there know of a support group for sufferers of Lyme Disease? Any help would be appreciated."

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