Thumbs up, Thumbs down

August 21, 1999

Thumbs up!To Chessie Fox, the 25-year-old Hagerstown woman who's been battling cancer for four years, and who refuses to give up her dream of one day visiting Walt Disney World.

Thumbs up!To the South Berkeley Junior League All-Stars, who brought home the first state championship in the league's 19-year history on July 29 and were serious contenders in the national championship game two days later.

Thumbs up!To William Konzal, new superintendent of the Tuscarora, Pa. School District, for his pledge to get out from behind the desk and get into the classroom, perhaps even to teach alittle.

Thumbs up!To the volunteers of the Washington County Work Camp, who've been helping people in need fix up their homes for the past 23 years. Volunteers on the fix-up projects range in age from 12 to 77 years of age.


Thumbs up!To the State of Pennsylvania, for providing $35,000 to study the possibility of turning the former Valley National Bank Building in Chambersburg, Pa. into a museum of city history.

Thumbs up!To Washington County's United Way "Day of Caring" teams, which will gather Sept. 1 to do a number of community-service projects, ranging from cleaning up an historic cemetery to painting the REACH homeless shelter.

Thumbs up!To the organizers of West Virginia's Operation Hay Ride, which will bring donated hay and feed to farmers hard-hit by this year's historic drought. We all have to help each other.

Thumbs up!To the Washington County school system, for its decision to improve security by issuing ID badges to all school employees. It's common in industry and will help quickly identify adults who don't belong in school.

Thumbs up!To Hagerstown's Mayor and Council, for their plan to study installing cameras at certain intersections to catch people who run red lights. Snap the shot, fine them a lot.

Thumbs up!To the five quarry companies in Washington County and the volunteer fire agencies, who have agreed to cooperate and supply water to farmers who are in danger of losing their crops and livestock to the drought.

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