Mail Call for 8/18

August 18, 1999

"I would like to thank all the folks who came to my aid after my bicycle accident on Sunday, Aug. 8 on Eastern Boulevard South. Thanks for calling the ambulance and police and for the clean blanket someone rolled up, so my head wasn't in the wet dirt. Thanks to the folks at Staley Park for safeguarding my bike overnight. Thanks to the police, ambulance crew and medical staff who treated me. It will be some time before I recover fully, but it is important I tell you how much I appreciate you making a bad situation a little easier. You are good people. Cordially, Brian Simmons, North End."

"I want to let people know that this is not the worst drought that we have ever had in Maryland. I remember 1929 very well. It was so bad the cows and horses were eating leaves off of trees. The western states sent farmers in this area hay and other feed to the Keedysville railroad station in boxcars. They would go there and haul it to their farms in the wagons. At our farm, we had no water problems. We were blessed with a creek nearby and a big never-failing spring. Hold on, we will survive."


"I am wondering if anyone knows when the bridge work at the intersection of Eastern Boulevard and Dual Highway will be completed?"

"I want to thank the men from the highway administration for cleaning the weeds and debris from the ditch in front of my home. They did a wonderful job. I called the office on Friday and they were here early Monday morning. I wasn't home to thank them in person, but I want to thank them from my heart. They do this every year for me. May God bless you men. All my love, Mrs. Allen Leatherman, Sharpsburg Pike."

"I am calling about a set of keys that I found on the Fountaindale Elemenary School parking lot. It is for a Ford car and has three keys on it. It is on a red string from Staples. If you would like me to leave it in the office at the school, please call Mail Call and let me know."

"Today's children are facing many challenges and choices, without the benefit of a positive role model to pattern their behavior. There is one such role model in Williamsport, a grandmother. Her name is Judy. Upon finding a large sum of money in her granddaughter's possession, she confronted her and discovered the money was stolen. The granddaughter admitted her actions. I applaud this grandmother who brought this granddaughter to my front door, with money in hand and displayed the courage of a fine role model and displayed to her granddaughter it was wrong to steal. If we had more people like this grandmother, this role model, our country would be better off."

"I would like to know if there is anyone out there that can use the knitting wool for crafts or something. Left over pieces, I don't do that work out there anymore. So I was wondering if someone out there could make use of it for crafts or something?"

"People are using Mail Call for free advertisements, such as, couches and box tops. Mail Call should be used for real issues and what people think about them."

"Heritage Academy uses the box tops and we would be happy to receive any that we can."

"To the person who was looking for an inexpensive weight loss group. I would like to recommend TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly). It costs much less than Weight Watchers and it works. The chapter I belong to meets at The First Christian Church in Hagerstown on Friday evenings at 5:15 p.m. to 7 p.m. and we would be glad to have that person there."

"It is amazing to me when I read some of these Mail Call paragraphs, how illiterate some people are when they speak of things that are going on in our country and county. Unbelievable."

"A brief history of Sharpsburg Rifles is in the August Issue of the Sharpsburg Town Crier. Thanks to the editor for taking the time to print such an interesting article."

"There are two dogs chained to boxes at the Marlowe exit on Interstate 81 South. They never have any water. If they would just dig a hole and sit their buckets down in it, they would have water. It will also stay cool and the dogs wouldn't be able to knock it over."

"I could not believe it when I heard about the bank robber who walked up to the drive-through window and wrote the note saying this was a hold up. The teller gave him all the cash she had. It just goes to show you what this world is coming to."

"I want to thank the county roads grass mowers who mowed along Crystal Falls Road and Mt. Aetna Road. It really looks nice."

"I like to give to the fire companies, but when the Hagerstown Fire Company calls you at 6 p.m. when you are ready to sit down and eat and watch TV. I don't appreciate it. I will give anything I want to give, but they do not have to call me. I do every year, give once or twice to the fire companies out here."

"To the person who wanted to know why the law enforcement officers should be allowed to have guns and nobody else can. I would like to know where they were when God gave out brains?"

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