Mail Call for 8/17

August 17, 1999

"I am calling in regards to the family that was burned out of their home last week. They are in need of adult and children's clothing. Ladies clothing sizes are 22, 18 and 16, ladies shoe sizes are 8 and 8 1/2. Little girl clothing sizes are 6 and 7, shoe sizes are 12 1/2 and 10. Boys sizes 4 clothing, shoe size 8. They also need furniture, all help will be appreciated. For information, please call 301-733-5239. Thank you very much."

"Does anyone one in this area collect old bottles, all kinds like, glass milk bottles with Hagerstown Dairy on it, medicine bottles and old jars? Leave your number and we will be watching Mail Call."

"I saw the go-carts in the Smithsburg Cemetery, too. Another thing I saw was dead flowers on graves for three or four weeks. It just isn't right."

"This is in response to the person who said if nobody has a weapon, nobody would get killed. Well, Japan doesn't have weapons over there and look at how many are getting killed over there. These people need to think before they try to outlaw guns completely. You take the guns from the people who are legally allowed to have the guns, then the only people who will have guns are the criminals. Think about it, people."


"You know I cannot believe how stupid people can be. There was a statement made in Mail Call, If nobody has a weapon nobody will get killed. Come on, if a person does not have a gun, they can use something else to kill someone. People kill people, the person pulls the trigger to shoot the gun. Our country was founded on the right to bear arms. The criminal will get a gun no matter what law is passed. If not a gun, something else. My ancestors made guns to protect and feed their families but, nowadays, we can't even protect our families even if we have a gun. The criminals have more rights than an honest person. Do we live in a country that wants control of all of us so some power hungry person can control every move?"

"We would like to congratulate the Country Seasons band for backing up Jeannie Seely at the Clear Spring carnival. They did a fantastic job and they have backed up numerous famous country singers in the past. We would like to tell them to keep up the good work."

"No wonder the boys look like something from outer space, when their parents take them to get their ears pierced when they are small. I guess they think that it is natural to have pins and other objects sticking out of their bodies. I think it looks like they belong in another world and it is scary looking."

"I just wanted to announce that the black Doberman that I had a problem is no longer around. I guess the owner finally realized that he had to have more control over him."

"I am calling about the courthouse. When I go there on my business sometimes, I have to stop and go through the scanner, empty my pockets. I have seen people come in that work there and all they do is go around the scanner. What sets these people above me that they don't have to go through the scanner? Do they think that the people that work there can't commit crimes either? To me, they are no better than I am. If I have to be scanned then they should, too."

"In about a month now, the hunting season for 1999 will start. Before the anti-hunters start screaming and hollering about how unsafe hunting is and they are afraid to let their kids outside because of stray bullets, blah, blah, blah. The National Safety Council has put out their statistics; injuries per 100 thousand participants in hunting, seven; playing pool, 20 per 100 thousand; bowling 57 per 100 thousand; baseball, 91 per 100 thousand; golf 186 per 100 thousand. So you see hunting is three times safer than playing pool. Fatalities are actually less in hunting than they are in playing Ping Pong. Anti-hunters, who have never been in the woods, should go out and try it before they knock it. Not all hunters like to go out and kill something, sometimes I go out because of nature. I like to just watch them in the wild sometimes. We kill maybe one or two deer a year to support our family."

"This is to the person who thinks that only security and law enforcement should have guns. You better pull your head up out of the sand and take a good look around."

"What are you going to do in the middle of the night when someone comes into your home armed and tries to rob or kill you? You dial 911 and it takes them 10 or 15 minutes to get there? I believe weapons should be secured by people for personal protection."


"Does anyone know how or when to transfer an avocado from the water after it has long roots and the part with leaves on is about a foot and a half long? What kind of soil do you plant it in?"

"If the police are the only ones allowed to carry guns, what does that make the rest of us, criminals?"

"To the people who are out there talking about cloud seeding, you better learn a little about it. When you are up there with the airplanes, you are not making it rain, you are stopping it from raining."

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