Mail Call for 8/16

August 16, 1999

" I was wondering why the town of Williamsport is still cleaning the streets? They are wasting water and we are supposed to be in a water crisis right now. I dont' think that its right, if we are in need of water, they shouldn't waste gallons and gallons of water cleaning the streets."

"St. Mary School at 218 W. Washington St. in Hagerstown is collecting the cereal box tops and would be overjoyed to receive them."

"This is in response to the person who wanted to know who collected the box tops. I am the box top coordinator for Fountaindale Elementary and I am proud to say that Fountaindale will be participating again this year. It starts August 30 and runs until March 31. The box top education program is a great help to the schools. If anyone has any that they don't know what to do with, please drop them off and it would be greatly appreciated."


"I think the state is pretty low for telling us people to use gray water from bathtubs and sinks. But yet it is okay for them to water the athletic fields, so kids can play. You go to school to learn, not to play. No wonder there is a one party system in this state."

"For people complaining about high movie prices. You can see first run movies in Waynesboro for $3 on Thursday nights and afternoon shows. Seniors is $3 all the time."

"If your child goes to school at South Hagerstown High School, you better be prepared to start late or enter into a real mess. The construction is so far behind, they haven't even been able to get in and put the floor down, the paint's not done. They are way behind schedule and school starts in two weeks, Way To Go!!"

"Do you realize that I was twelve years old when I was expelled from Kindergarten, yet I know a better way to conserve water than the Governor does. What does that tell you, any comment?"

"Let me get this right, Glendening is telling me how to use the well water on my property, from the well that I paid to drill. According to Webster's Dictionary, water is a mineral, I own this property including the mineral rights, which include the water beneath of it. Although my wife and I do not waste water, I don't think he should be able to tell me how to use my water. Particularly, the inmates at the local prisions, spend their time flushing towels, sheets and anything they can by repeatedly flushing the toilet for hours on end, whatever is neccesary to clog up the system, so the water backs up and they can have a party when they get out of their cells. Inmates walk away from showers and let them run, they don't care, they don't pay for it. The water crisis is real and its a problem that we all should cope with. However I do resent the governor telling me what to do."

"E. Russell Hicks Middle School also collects the box tops for education."

"I look for Bill Clinton anyday now steal our eyeballs and tell us that we will be able to see better without them."

"I am looking for the lady who was looking for a couch, if I could have her number please. My number is 301-791-3624, thank you."

"To the person who said nobody should be alllowed to have guns except law enforcement, why should they be allowed to have them if nobody else can?"

"I read about a person complaining about Dan Spears and the Orioles. I agree with him100 percent. Condeming him saying Cal Ripken is an iron man. Anybody can play ball everyday and put on a big show and a couple months of the year. If he thinks he is an iron man, that is the biggest laugh I ever heard of. All it is, is greed, greed, greed."

"Guns do not kill, the people kill. The only way you are going to get the guns is to get the people who have the guns. I don't want to tell, because I don't want to get shot myself. Hagerstown does not have the police or task force, for these organized crimes. They have assult rifles, you can plug them in. So, guns do not kill. You can buy a gun up until midnight, but it is not guns that kill, it is the people."

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