Mail Call for 8/12

August 12, 1999

"In reference to the article in the paper on the Funkstown Town Council. Residents complain about the fire siren. The fire company has stated that the members have pagers. All members do not have pagers. Some cannot afford pagers. The fire company does not purchase pagers for them and neither does the town of Funkstown. If the town of Funkstown wants to pay for the pagers, then take away the siren. Otherwise, the siren will stay. I am a long term firefighter, not with Funkstown, but within the county. I will back any fire company when it comes to the siren."

"I am calling in regards to the article in Saturday's paper written by Dan Spears. It was titled 'All the Orioles need is one really big push.' I can't believe The Herald-Mail would publish an article that disgusting. One things for sure, all the people he would like to push into the Inner Harbor have a lot more class than Spears. I can see a lot of jealousy in the remarks he made about Cal Ripken. His attack on the 'Iron Man' did more damage to the person Dan Spears than what it did to Cal. Give Dan Spears a one-way ticket to Toronto. We deserve better."


"I live in the southern part of the county. It started to cloud up a little when it was calling for showers. Well, what do you hear? You hear the planes, but you don't see them. I know that they are breaking up the clouds. Now the sun is coming out again and I bet that we won't get any rain. It really is true that the planes are breaking up the clouds."

"I have seen a young person on the highway that doesn't seem to know the rules of the road or the law. That person was riding a moped in the middle of the road and had cars backed up that couldn't get around him. If you can't stay with the speed limit, then stay off the road."

"To all the country music lovers, The Jamboree in the Hills is a spectacle that nobody would want to miss. I recommend it to everybody. Take the opportunity next July and make your reservations. Believe me, it is something that you won't regret."

"I am trying to locate a trash hauler named Canfield. Would you please leave your number in Mail Call?"

"Warning to all Hagerstown residents. A company is coming to town that promises to get your children financial aid for college. There was a show on 20/20 last week which stated that this company was being investigated in several states because this company was promising financial aid and nothing actually comes through and you end up paying them a lot of money. I called the Maryland Consumer Fraud Division and they said they have had three complaints already this year. So people of Hagerstown, beware!"

"It is very sad that JFK Jr. crashed and died, taking his wife and sister-in-law. What is really sad is that on the same weekend, one of our planes disappeared in Columbia and the news barely covered it. Did you realize that one of the pilots that died was from Brunswick, Md? One of the first women pilots to ever die in a mission. You should question why we are even over there in Columbia. We are pumping hundreds of millions of thousands of dollars in that country to fight a drug war. Meanwhile, some of the top officials, including one of the official's wives, were caught smuggling cocaine into America. You should pay attention to what is going on. It is great to focus on a great looking guy like JFK. The Kennedys have done a lot for this country, but they have also stepped on a lot people to get where they are."

"For the gentlemen who is interested in finding out about the worth of the 'Gone With The Wind' poster that he has, there is a shop in Gettysburg, Pa. It is called Gone With The Wind. It is an old town in Gettysburg. I don't know the owner's name. If you are ever up there he deals with nothing but Gone With The Wind memorabilia. That probably would be the guy to check with."

"Lawrence Taylor, a convicted drug abuser, was recently inducted into the National Football League Hall of Fame. Pete Rose's only offense was getting caught gambling on a game of baseball and as a result will not get into the Baseball Hall of Fame. What is wrong with this picture?"

"I would like to wish Ricky Whittington a happy 25th birthday."

"Happy 37th birthday to Tim Whittington."

"The only people that need to be carrying guns in this country is the police or security personnel or some type of law enforcement personnel. As far as anybody else in this country, they should not be able to purchase weapons. As far as hunters, we can set up a stand out in the county that people can rent a rifle to go hunting. Maybe give them a certain amount of hours to have them back, have computers to do a fast check on them to see if they are legit in purchasing this weapon. I think that this would solve a lot of these problems. If nobody has a weapon, nobody would get killed."

"Happy 37th birthday, Tammy Joe Gay."

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